UFC Betting Tips

UFC Betting Guide


Oh yeah, the thrill of betting on fights. What’s more exciting than watching an MMA battle with money riding on the outcome? Every punch, kick and submission attempt could pocket you some extra cheddar. Today more people are making a bet on UFC fights than ever before. I think there would be huge explosion in UFC betting if more people understood the basics of fight betting, so this is the first in a mini-series of how to make profitable wagers on MMA action. Use this information to enjoy UFC, Pride or any MMA event and possibly make some extra money too.


Understanding Mixed Martial Arts Betting Odds:


Here’s an example of the UFC 68 Betting Line…


Tim Sylvia -270

Randy Couture +210


The negative number is always the favorite. Sylvia is -270 which means you must risk $270 in order to win $100. The positive number is always the underdog. Couture is +210 which means you must risk $100 in order to win $210.

A much easier method is to use the Money Line Calculator on Zewkey’s MMA Betting Super Page and just plug in the numbers to see what you can win. You can base your bets on any amount.

Let’s Pick the Winner of a UFC Fight:

Mixed martial arts is a difficult sport to consistently pick a winner. This is because of 2xgonzcout07-300x250.gifthe various styles of fighters and the relative lack of knowledge surrounding the sport. With more than 10 years of UFC and other MMA fighting evolving in the US it has become obvious that a fighter’s success in mixed martial arts is based on several key components. By analyzing a fighter’s strength in these components and comparing his opponent strengths, it is becoming easier to determine a winner.

3 Dimensional Fighting: A fighter needs to have a three dimensional approach to fighting. They need to stand up and strike effectively to inflict damage while defending against takedowns. They must control or escape their opponents while clinching and inflict damage while in close quarters. They must defend or defeat an opponent on the ground by submission or ground and pound.


Well Prepared Professional Athlete: Steady, consistent training and fighting regularly are positive signs of a focused, motivated and fit athlete. The fighter’s fitness level obviously needs to be high, but this is an aspect that needs to be watched closely in MMA fighters. There is a persistent belief that heavier is better and the fighters very often cut large amounts of weight prior to weigh-in, which leaves them physically and mentally tapped when they should be at their peak. It also shows a lack of preparation, both short and long term.


Streaks: Winning and losing streaks are very important factors in a fighter’s confidence and if they are improving or possibly declining. These athletes go thru a lot so look for signs that point to rapid decline or a possible breakthrough performance.


Training Environment: Who is the athlete training with? Success breads success in MMA. Top level experienced fighters and trainers can mentor and place young athletes into successful situations. Good competition within camps develops top fighters. Watch out for fighters that take bouts on short notice hailing from Miletich or American Top Team.

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