Brazilian Top Team Newcomer

August 29, 2007
by Gleidson Venga (

Perennial fighting talent purveyor Brazilian Top Team will see another in its long line of mixed martial artists take to the cage this Saturday when black belt Fabiano Capoani (Pictures) appears on the pay-per-view televised Art of War against Alex Andrade.

“Training was very intensive,” said Capoani, who flew to the U.S. on Sunday alongside Murilo Bustamante (Pictures). “I trained my fighting skills at BTT headquarters and I also worked out. I’m really ready for this fight.”

The Brazilian said the UFC and PRIDE vet Andrade, who returned to the cage in March following a six-year layoff, won’t be an easy fight.

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“I saw him fighting against Murilo Rua (Pictures) at PRIDE,” Capoani said of the hard-hitting Andrade. “I saw his last Art of War bout and he is a well-rounded fighter. He has good boxing and wrestling skills. But I’m ready.”

Scheduled for the American Airlines Center, the scale of the event, said Capoani, only compounds the pressure of fighting in the U.S. Complete Art of War Odds

“I believe that Art of War will be one of the greatest events which will take place at USA this year,” he said. “The production is excellent and the card is awesome. I think it will be a great show.”

With American fighters taking on Brazilians as part of the promotional theme, it’s no surprise Capoani hopes for “great fights and that Brazil wins.”

“Brazil has great athletes invited to this show,” he said, alluding to the likes of Pedro Rizzo (Pictures) and Jorge Santiago (Pictures). “Every one of them has skills to be victorious.”

With a record of 4-2-1, Capoani suggested this is another opportunity to showcase himself to an American crowd, an important step for a fighter with designs on finding success on the world stage.

“This match-up will be very important to my career,” said Capoani, a two-time veteran of AFC cards in Florida. “The event is big and my opponent is known in the USA. All these tools will help me to be noted in the American media, and as a result, have my name in the U.S. scene.”

The light heavyweight’s last fight came on the first regulated MMA card in Washington, D.C., where he defeated Homer Moore (Pictures) in the main event.

“I beat the guy after four minutes, by tapout,” the BTT fighter recalled. “That was a very good thing. They called me close to the event date, and I made a good fight. I’m very glad.”

Making his fifth appearance on U.S. soil, Capoani warned that his will to win will be the reason he tops Andrade on Saturday.

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