UFC 75 Parlay Picks

UFC 75 Parlay Ideas

Parlays are combination bets where it’s all or nothing., what I mean is that you must pick all the fights in your parlay correctly or you lose it. The more fights you have in your parlay, the higher the payoff. Parlays can be great when you win, because you make small bets to win big money. Who doesn’t like that? Currently two sites take MMA Parlays,
BetUs and 5Dimes.

A couple of important points about parlaying fights. First, it becomes more important to find the betting site with the best odds. Your payouts are multiplied (2.6x for 2 man, 6x for 3 man, 12x for a 4 man,) so the difference in a couple fighters listed at -120 instead of -140 can mean and additional $100 in your pocket. Here’s our Parlay Calculator to help you with payoff figures. Second, heavily favored fighters add very little value to the payout. So, lets leave them out of our parlays. The reward does not justify the risk or the anguish you will suffer after hitting 3 fights only to watch Matt Serra steal your treasure in the main event.

I like to identify a fighter, or two, that I think is a very likely winner and make that fighter my “key.” I then use my key fighter to build several combinations. Matt Hamill is my key for UFC 75.

  1. Hamill + Rampage/Hendo Fight won’t go 5 round distance ($1 wins $4)
  2. Hamill + Henderson ($1 wins $6)
  3. Hamill + Sakara ($1 wins $7)
  4. Hamill + Henderson + Fight won’t go 5 round distance ($1 wins $10)
  5. Hamill + Rampage + Fight won’t go 5 round distance ($1 wins $7)
  6. Hamill + Sakara + Henderson ($1 wins $18)
  7. Hamill + Sakara + Henderson+ Fight won’t go 5 round distance ($1 wins $27)

There are the combinations I like in the featured fights. I particularly like # 1, 2, and 4, so I will bet a little more on each of those combinations.


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