WEC 30 Notes-Post Fight

Chase Beebe was good, the only fighter that can beat him will be a crisp puncher with enough power to hurt him early. Don’t know any at 135.  His fitness level was incredible.

Rani Yahya is one qwik mofo, but i dont think he threw any punches. a couple kicks at the start of rd 3.  Yahya is incredible with his lightning fast submission attemp, but showed nothing else.  He is very capable of beating anyone.  A striker with very good takedown defense should handle him easily.

Bryan Baker was impressive for a young dude, got rocked and came back strong, awesome reversal slam. Baker looked good on his feet and on the ground. I have never thought much of forbes, so im a little skeptical.  Baker could be excellent as an underdog as he continues to take on tougher opponents.  Don’t go overboard yet.

Jesse forbes looked 100 times better than the guy on TUF, he can bang.  Wore down pretty fast after his initial flurry.  Never as a favorite, could payoff as longshot.  

Avenas was good, but he needs more combat time. 30 second fights are great, but he needs some guys to push him now. he’s ready to move up.  Lots of speed, quickness  and strength.  Looks like he is moving in the right direction too.  No negatives yet, someone needs to put him to the test and see what happens.

McCullough and Stann were kind of the same story, both stood in the line of fire until they landed their shots. both are devasting punchers. Both guys look like they can stand and trade against anyone and come out the best 99%.  Stann took a couple good shots and hardly flinched.  I think stann is definite contender now at WEC level and not completely overmatched in UFC. Not quite a contender. same with Razor.

Torres’ win was good, but kind of fools gold, imo. Bedard took him down easily but couldnt put together an attack and left the door open for any good submission guy. Beebe beats him, but he wont be an underdog this time.  Verdict is still out on Torres, but Bedard struggled to put away a physically weaker guy, not a good sign.

6 thoughts on “WEC 30 Notes-Post Fight

  1. You’re mistaken about Miguel Torres, he is the real deal. I’ve been training with him since 2005 and he is the toughest person I’ve ever met (despite his size) and I’ve come across a few bad dudes. Ive seen him toy with Stephan Bonnar and outbox Mike Mollo (top ten ranked heavyweight boxer), two tough guys each outweighing him by 100 pounds. Eddie Wineland (the WEC champion that lost a tough decision to Chase Beebe) trains at our gym and Miguel taps him at least every round and destroys him on the feet. I like and respect Stephan, Mike & Eddie, just letting you know that Miguel is a once in a generation fighter. As you know, strength is just one part of the game. I’ve got 50 pounds on Miguel, am significantly stronger and wrestled in college…he still kicks my ass and I know what to expect from him!

    If he and Chase fight, Miguel will knock him out or submit in within a round. Just giving you a heads up.

  2. good stuff. if i had written more about torres it would be that he showed some ability, no doubt. he was thrown in against a seasoned veteran and overcame a lot to earn the win over bedard. if miguel has the boxing skills you say then he’s got a shot at beebe, but he must control the action and execute his skills. you’re not giving beebe much credit, he’s a solid fighter and after surviving those first two rounds against yahya, he will be even tougher to catch in a submission. i would like to see torres have another fight before he takes on beebe.

  3. If Chase were fighting anyone other than Miguel, I’d be rooting for him. I’m from Illinois and watched him win 4 state titles in high school; I want to see him succeed. I realize you don’t know me but I’m just giving you my thoughts from someone who’s trained with Miguel and many other high level athletes (pro boxers, d1 wrestlers, jiu-jitsu black belts)

    Yahya is a great grappler but obviously not a very complete fighter. His conditioning was horrible and he seems to try to block punches with his face. Miguel has been fighting professionally since he was 18 (check out his record on the full contact fighter data base) so he’s had at least 6 or 7 years more experience than Chase in mma. Wrestling is NOT mma. Chase’s hands are not very good, which is to be expected from someone who’s only been throwing punches for a couple years.

    They were supposed to fight in December but Chase wanted more time. Take this to the bank…Miguel by KO or submission (triangle or arm bar) in the first round.

  4. Ok, I was wrong about Miguel winning by triangle or arm bar in the 1st round but I was close.

    As I’ve mentioned before, Miguel is the toughest person I’ve ever come across in over 20 years of combat sports. His conditioning is second to none and he attacks from EVERY position. Even being in his guard is a painful experience. You’ll be defending his punches and elbows that he’s throwing from the bottom and next thing you know he’s got you in a submission, you defend it and he transitions to another one and the cycle of pain continues. It’s amazing. I’ve trained with him for years, know what to expect and he still catches me.

    Within the next couple years Miguel will defend his belt a number or times then move up to 145 and defeat Faber or whoever has that belt at the time. Wish I knew where to put money down on that!

  5. I knew this post was coming. Congrats to Miguel, he was incredible. I even thought that Beebe did ok standing, but when they hit the ground it was pretty obvious that Torres was the one attacking. Like you said, his transitions were a thing of beauty, one after another. I give him a lot of credit, Beebe was a good opponent and Torres completely earned the win.

  6. I wasn’t trying to sound like a know-it-all prick earlier, just trying to help people understand how tough he is. I really like Chase and want him to succeed. Maybe he’ll go up to 145 and take Faber’s title.

    I remember Miguel telling me once that when he started fighting, he knew he would be weaker than every one of his opponents (since they were all bigger). This seemed so foreign to me coming from a background in wrestling. When I thought about it though, it helped me understand his mentality and why he’s so good. He’s trained for the past decade expecting his opponent to be bigger and stronger so he’s had to compensate by a) having an incomprehensible level of conditioning b) constantly attacking and landing more strikes from all positions c) refining bjj techniques that are specific to mma (bjj is great, but just like wrestling, it doesn’t stand alone) d) having a level of mental toughness that I’ve only heard about athletes like Dan Gable and Muhammad Ali having.

    He’s a great fighter and an even better trainer, friend, husband and father.

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