TUF 6 Aftermath

Clay Guida–  another tough loss.  He had Huerta in trouble and won the first two rounds.  Guida simply out-worked Huerta both rounds.  It is now evident that Guida has a weakness finishing quality opponents.  He allowed Huerta to hang on long enough to land the big knee.  Guida is a solid favorite to beat lesser opponents and he is a decent underdog play.

Roger Huerta– was taken down at will by Guida. I think this looms as big trouble when he faces the LW big boys, which is sure to come next.  Huerta landed some good punches but the power is not there, none had much effect on Guida.  If his punches are not effective, the really good LWs will take him down and put him on his back.  He is proving to be one of the smartest fighters in MMA, able to adjust his game instantly.  He has a better chance against the thinner LWs than the Sherk, Griffin, Edgar types.

Mac Danzig- I dont know if we learned anything about him in his win over Speer.  He’s a borderline top 10 LW already, along the same level as Huerta.  Other than Sherk, I give him a good shot a beating anyone in the LW division.  Looks like the type that will continually improve and handle lesser guys, while splitting against the top guys.

Tommy Speer- I am confused by his performance, but he mentioned being overwhelmed by the whole “event,” which makes some sense.  I will throw this one out and give him another chance.  He’s a powerful fighter with some real talent, but tread lightly for now.

John Koppenhaver- obviously never gives up.  He is open to too many shots.  A poor mans Forrest.  He looks way too inconsistent now, needs some fights (without injuries)

Jared Rollins- I think he is the guy to watch out of his war with Koppenhaver.  If he recovers, I think this fight might be a big turning point in his career.  He’s got skills, but he may have learned how to let it loose in the octagon.  His next fight will say a lot.

George Sotiropoulos– I suspect he beats almost everyone but a physically stronger opponent who can strike.  Not overly impressed.

Billy MilesNeeds more work.

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