UFC 80 Aftermath and Fighter Notes

BJ Penn– Good win over Stevenson. He did everything BJ does, but his striking looked better than I can remember. Looks good for him against any of the bulldog type LWs, Sherk, Edgar, Griffin etc..

Joe Stevenson– Im not sure what to make out of the loss, he allowed BJ to establish dominant position from the opening bell. Terrible begining to the fight and was never able to overcome what took place. Joe probably gained some valuable experience and he’s still very young, but he’s been around long enough to know how to fight to his strengths. Headscratcher.

Paul Taylor – high energy guy who stands a chance against anyone who will stand long enough to trade a few combinations.  His ground game is not good, no offensive moves and problems escaping.  Anyone with decent takedowns will give him real problems.

Paul Kelly– sloppy punching, his superior size was the real reason he won.  A technically sound puncher will give him problems, especilly one with a td defense.

 Kendall Grove- looks like the plan is to use strength to push your way into his chest so he can’t get off, then muscle him.  Looked bad against Rivera, not sure if he can take the next step into defeating ranked opponents.  Strength will always be his weakness.

Jorge Rivera- great win. Hopefully he comes back as a favorite next time, I am not a believer.

Wilson Gouveia- dominated by Lambert until his one punch got home.  Not impressed with the win.

Jason Lambert- controlled all phases of the match until he got tagged, strangely tried a few takedowns when he was dominating the standu.  He should learn from this and comeback better.  Good underdog against even opponents.

Gabriel Gonzaga– dont give up on him, hes young and Werdum is a borderline top 10 fighter.  He will never be a cardio machine.  Any fighter that has a history of smart fighting into late rounds should be favored over him.   He was much better against Couture.

Fabricio Werdum– solid win but nothing to change my opinion about him.  He is going to struggle if he cant get the fight to the mat.  Even on the mat his submissions can be nuetralized and hes got nothing really.

Marcus Davis- on time, in shape and ready to go. Too bad the fight was not longer for him, but its another impressive win, injury free.

Jess Laudin– Davis is slightly out of his comfort zone.


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