Kimbo vs Tank photos and quotes

Only 1 more day to Kimbo’s fight with Tank and I must confess it’s growing on me. I really look forward to seeing what on earth will happen. Here are some training photos and a few quotes from the final presser. Does anyone think Tank (+370) has any chance of lasting a minute (-450), nevermind winning.





“Tank is full of (poop) if he thinks I can’t take his punches. I’m bringing the whole thing to the cage. I am bringing the hood with me to this cage.

“This fight means a lot to not only me but the entire city. This is big time. That is why I am going to break his rib, break his nose, break his arm.

“Mentally, I’m going to have to bring some extra earmuffs to try and stay focused. The crowd is going to go crazy, but I am going to have to stay focused.

“There are a lot of things in my arsenal I am going to try to use. If he’s a tad bit slow, I’m going to hurt him. I’ve trained with the best. It is going to be a long fight for him, or a short night.

“There is no extra pressure to get the KO. Nothing concerns me with Tank. I’m not overly concerned at all. I am prepared for whatever he is going to do.

“My family drives me to succeed. As long as I have all my limbs there is going to be a way. The right hand is for his top lip, the left hand is for his bottom lip.

“Bas (Rutten) is a mentor of mine. Anything Tank has to say about Bas, I am going to take it personal. I am going to make him pay for his words.

“Tank has a very big mouth. He needs to be careful about what he says. We take a lot of things personal. I just hope I don’t run into him before the fight starts. I want to settle this in the cage.


“Training has just evolved for this fight more than for any of my other opponents. I have taken it very seriously.

“Kimbo is tough streetwise, but he is behind the times as far as putting it all together. The only thing he has done that is only remotely close to me is he has been in a few street fights. And I don’t even consider those fights.

“Kimbo is going to get hurt, that’s for sure. The way I am and the shape I’m in right now I can’t fathom a human being who can take five minutes of my shots. I am on fire right now.

“I think it is funny that he’s got Bas Rutten to train him. This is a real fight, not a slap-fest. He should have gotten a real fighter to train him. Training with Bas is better than nothing. But you either have it or you don’t. Technique doesn’t make you tough.

I think the guy has guts and heart. But as far as toughness, you either have it or you don’t. You can’t teach toughness.

“I think Kimbo’s motivation is to be on TV or on the Internet. I think that is why he fights. Me? I have been in over 200 street fights to various degrees, ranging from knocking a guy out at a stop light to sending someone to the ICU for a week. I fight because I love it.

“There’s nothing he can do, barring a lucky punch, to beat me. I’ve been wrestling, grappling, fighting — you name it — for 20 years. What’s he going to do? There’s nothing about his game that worries me. This is what I love to do. I like to fight. I like it because I can’t go to jail for it.

“If you make a strategy to fight someone you are developing little crutches for yourself. I don’t have a plan.

“It’s just going to be a beating, unless something bizarre happens. Where I am right now there is no man alive who can take five minutes of my punches.

“Everybody gives me (poop) about my shape. I can do 15 minutes on my head holding my breath.


Kimbo Spars




















Kimbo trains for Tank





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