UFC 84 Parlay Picks

UFC 84 offers some really good betting opportunities, with one of the best bets I have seen this year.  Here’s my thoughts on a few UFC 84 parlay bets.  5dimes and BetUs both take MMA parlays, but they are the only ones right now.

I will start off with the best betting opportunity I have seen in the UFC this year.  Keith Jardine +155.  Wandy nuthuggers must be blind.  Jardine demolished Chuck, no contest.  Wandy is a plodder like Chuck, but he’s not as dangerous as a counterpuncher nor does he have Chuck’s power and precision.  Wandy’s only hope is to cast a spell on Jardine and entice him into his clinch.  Ain’t gonna happen.  This is an easy fight for Jardine.  Im going to use him as a key in several parlays.

Clementi is different fighter now than 18 months ago, he’s put it all together and he’ll dominate Etim.  I’m going to sprinkle Sherk in on a couple too.  I think Sherk and BJ are close to even and a year ago Sherk would have been a favorite in this fight.  Penn’s win over Stevenson was a little lucky cause he caught a careless Stevenson early, yet still struggled to put him away.

Jardine (+155) + Clementi (-200)  3 units

Jardine (+155) + Sherk (+220) 1 unit

Jardine (+155) + Clementi (-200) + Sherk (+220) 1 unit

Clementi (-200) + Sherk (+220) 1 unit

Yoshida (-160) + Clementi (-200) 1 unit


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