Kimbo’s Last Press Conference before Elite XC Saturday Night Fights on CBS

Leave it to the promoter to come up with best stuff in the final presser before Kimbo‘s CBS debut (Elite XC Analysis). The fighters must be focused, no shenanigans-unfortunately.


“The first time I introduced Kimbo, I was introducing him as a YouTube sensation with over 10 million hits. I knew he was a star then. I knew he could be a superstar. There are great basketball players, but nothing like Michael Jordan. There are great golfers, but nothing like Tiger Woods. Every once in a while there is someone who crosses over that line to a superstar. You just know. When Mike Tyson walked in, the place erupted. When someone else walked in there were only a few claps. Well, Kimbo Slice is a superstar. He is probably the most recognizable name in all of MMA. On May 31, when he gets in the cage, he will be the single most known face of MMA.Kimbo Press Conference

(UFC’s) Dana White will be at home watching us on CBS. When he rips Kimbo Slice, it only proves he is an idiot. When he says that BJ Penn is the best fighter in the whole family and can knock out Kimbo Slice, the DEA should raid his home. I know BJ Penn would never say that and is probably embarrassed. Although BJ Penn is the best fighter in the family, he’s not the smartest Penn (JD, his brother, is an executive at EliteXC).

If you want to do something good for the sport, you should support CBS. Whether Kimbo has two fights, or six, he is raising the tide of MMA. All ships rise with the tide. The fighters on this card have said it. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. He trains with Bas Rutten. If you train with him, you are a real fighter. Randy (Khatami), the whole camp you see, are not paid by Kimbo. They are a family. He is first class. He is the closest thing I know to Tyson. He has an off and off switch. When he is off, you would have him baby sit your kids without a second thought. When it is on, someone is in trouble for sure.

Kimbo has a complex side to him as well. He is intelligent. He is well-read, well-versed. He is street through and through. He has not forgotten where he came from. On the bus ride over here, he told me he bought two 26-inch TVs and is going to give them to someone needy in the work area in Newark. He wants to leave Newark with a positive impression. It not only says something about Kimbo but the MMA family. I am telling you, Kimbo Slice is real.

We are up for the challenge in a cage. When this is over, you will be proud that Kimbo has represented MMA. You will be proud he is a family man and has taken care of his kids. You will find when the story is over that Kimbo rose to the occasion as a standup guy. He is our franchise player right now. The guys that has helped us more than he knows. I have called upon him more than any other athlete.”

Interesting the BJ Penn’s brother is a EliteXC executive, that explains a lot really. They have had their foot in the Hawaiin door for a while.

How about some dynamite quotes from Kimbo..

I don’t have much to say. I was to thank CBS and EliteXC. CBS rules.

I don’t feel like all the pressure is on me to perform a certain way. Not at all.

I don’t underestimate any fighter. Just because he has lost a couple fights, doesn’t mean he isn’t going to come out strong.

I won’t complain, Kimbo best work is on youtube, which is one of the reasons he’s got the following. It must burn Dana’s ass, but he’s the guy that restricts access to all that stuff.


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