3 New MMA Blogs to Check out

September is going to be a busy month for MMA fans.  I’m starting off the month by taking a quick look at a few sites that are somewhat off the beaten path.  A couple new sites and one not so new.  All three are worth a visit.

Affliction Day of Reckoning is coming up on October 11th and this site has all about the show.  Nothing but Affliction news, rumors and general info about Afflictions second show.  If you’re an Affliction fan and dont want to get bogged down with other MMA junk, this is a must see site.

San Diego MMA is a new site that’s still getting established.  It’s owner, Dave Franklin, has his foot in the several MMA doorways and usually comes up with some good stories and interviews.  San Diego is still a major player in the MMA world and San Diego MMA will stay on top of all the locals. They also have a pretty good in house photographer.

MMA Punch has been around a while and they don’t post everyday, but when they do its an interesting read.  The punch likes to throw in orginal thoughts and topics, not just a rehash of the latest announcement.

Check them all out if you get a chance.


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