UFC 90 Parlay Picks

UFC Parlays are offered at only two betting sites currently, 5Dimes (review) and BetUs (review). Both sites allow mixed sport parlays, combining boxing, football and UFC picks is acceptable. You can also combine fighters in different events, i.e. Rampage at UFC 90 and Brock Lesnar at UFC 91.

There are lots of theories about parlays, but not much specifically concerning how to profit from parlaying UFC or MMA fights. Obviously, you must pick winners. Don’t bother with value bets or longshot underdogs, you’d be better off just playing them straight up.

The favorites seem to be overpriced for UFC 90 which is a good reason to play a few parlays. Instead of betting on the “value” offered by an underdog you have little confidence in, try putting together a few combinations that will pay-off better than a simple straight up bet.

Here’s a few two-man options that will return almost even money, take your pick of one fighter from group A and one fighter from group B:

Group A

  • Sean Sherk (-245)
  • Gray Maynard (-240)
  • Burkman (-240)

Group B

  • Dan Miller (-350)
  • Spencer Fisher (-350)
  • Big Nog (UFC 92) (-360)

If you have an underdog you like at UFC 90, you’re already getting a great price. Miller and Fisher are very likely winners, you could maximize your profit by making a 3-man parlay using the guys from group B.

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