Small Shows – update 3/9/9

Angelica Chavez – explosive striking and finished with a kimura. determined with some real ability. not quite cyborg yet, but she’s very good. this was her first fight

Stephanie Palmer – overwhelmed be the aggressive striking of chavez.

Rafeal Freitas – decent submissions but still sloppy and needs more stength.

Mano Otero – Frustrated. possibly suffered an injury and could not compete well.

Adam Oakey – classic bully. a skilled striker will give him big trouble, particularly a counterpuncher. has some physical tools and could be a real problem for skinny submission guys. lot of work to do.

Dustin Kempf – hard to tell much, creative to say the least. came to fight in great shape

Lyle Sansoucie – good mma body. took control and then got caught be a crazy kick. no telling how badly he was hurt, but he did not defend after the kick.

Nick Duell – relaxed. dude has talent. good strikes and vicious elbows from top, no hesitation. good mma body. should go to bigger shows pretty soon. like his chances against any mid-pack gatekeeper types. a good wrestler might give him some problems, but he’ll walk thru anyone weak.

Josh Miller – could not tell much

Frank Caraballo – overcame some early aggression and wore down his opponent, decent prospect, but a little slow.

Phillip Tomblin – needs to tighten up his game.

Greg Soto – well rounded fighter who looks comfortable in the ring. saw some good takedown defense that led to a slick anaconda. striking looked sharp too. pellegrino trainee.

Brett Kohan – all right! a heavyweight that is in shape and has some athletic ablity. lots of kicking combo’s, decent hands too. hes fast and moves around good. seemed to avoid the ground, probably for a reason. aggressive, explosive striker. im guessing he will be the guy moving forward against almost anyone.

Rafael Sapo – little to slow and sloppy. but has some power.

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