WEC 40 Aftermath

Takeya Mizugaki – was much better than anyone expected agains Torres. he avoided the ground at all costs. Mizugaki continually moved forward and threw punches, but not many combinations. Did not seem to have big time power, he hit Torres plenty but never rocked him. Good defensive, limited offense means all his fights should be close.

Miguel Torres – what can you say, he’s one of the best fighters in the world. commanded every aspect of the fight, realized his opponent was dangerous and didn’t fool around.

Joseph Benavidez – outworked curran for 3 rounds. he effectively avoided currans punching and bjj game, escaping several submission attempts. his offense is still limited, but his defense is sound. did not completely control curran from the top, but was very active.

jeff curran – did not push the action and settled into Benavidez gameplan. no combinations and had trouble sweeping. was unable to secure several submission attempts. was soundly beaten.

Ben Henderson – got a slow start, escaped a good guillotine attempt and immediately took control of the fight with strong striking. Henderson has proven to be a solid all round fighter. He is still a little sloppy and could have trouble with a wrestler that can keep the pressure on, Roller nearly did it. Good win though.

Shane Roller – Not as physical as I previously thought. Couldnt seal the deal and then got caught. Maybe he learns a lesson, maybe he’s not that good. Not really sure.

Rafael Assuncao – Much better striking than i thought. He’s a powerful little dude with a great mma body. Moved well and overcame a reach disadvantage. Should be a tough opponent for anyone in his division. Looks like a solid choice against lesser fighters.

Jameel Massouh – has a long way to go. his striking is very sloppy, crisp/technical puncher will tear him up. probably struggles against any physical wrestlers too, not good enough striking to keep those guys off him.

Bart Palaszewski – tried to fight smart with a couple takedowns, but he’s become strictly a stand-up fighter. his biggest problem is that he allows his opponents to become comfortable, because he’s not applying pressure. younger, quicker guys are give him fits.

Anthony Njokuani – Bart’s not an easy KO. NJ escaped a couple takedowns, showing he’s improving. he’s dangerous against anyone who cant get him down quickly. Mir said guys in his gym dont like to spar with him cuz his kicks come so fast.

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