Strikeforce – Shamrock vs Diaz Notes

Cyborg Santos missed weight by 7lbs. Cyborg is explosive like no other woman. Akano was completely overmatched, Cyborg powered thru all sub attempts. It’s hard to imagine Cyborg getting caught in a sub, she is too physical.

Hitomi Akano – not a great striker, decent sub attempts. She is pretty small and probably struggles against any tough strikers that can avoid her submissions.

Brett Rogers looked better than ever. His ground game and stamina are still in question, but his striking is solid. He is a full sized heavyweight who moves well and puts together combinations. He should be able to handle any lesser opponents without any trouble. Fairly safe favorite against inferior fighters.

Abongo Humphrey decent striker. Not enough size or firepower to hang with Rogers.

Benji Radach – Best he’s ever looked. His punching is more refined than i thought. He was winning the stand up against Smith until he got nailed. Did not fight a smart plan, i know he was supposed to take smith down. Damaged his hand and needs surgery to repair.

Scott Smith – another unbelievable late win. Why would anyone would stand a trade with him? His chin and recoverability is unmatched. However, there are signs he’s slowed a little. He was having some trouble getting off and was continually beaten be Benji, is Benji that good or Smith slowing? Stay away if he’s heavily favored.

Nick Diaz – dominated Shamrock everywhere. not scared to stay in pocket and throw. his jab was effective. he looked a little heavy but showed 0 effects/

Frank Shamrock – shot. struggled to engage, way to defensive. still over-run.

Gilbert Melendez– filled out some and looked much fitter than he was against thomson. completely dominated an inferior fighter on short notice, exactly as he should.


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