Dream 9 Notes

Minowaman – still not a simple pushover.  dangerous leg holds can give anyone trouble who’s not good enough to control the action

Bob Sapp – showed a few more skills but still got in trouble once his first attack didnt finish the job.

Hong Man Choi – he’s still big.

Jose Canseco – wtf. he did have a good overhand right.

Jan Nortje – way too fat.

Sokoudjou – explosive and fast, but he was clearly unthreatened by nortje.  Awesome when he’s comfortable, but we didnt learn anything new about him.

Gegard Mousasi – Handled the bigger man with ease. Impressive on the ground.

Mark Hunt – No ground defense, obviously wants to stand and strike.

Kawajiri – took down and controlled a very physical JZ from the top. good counterpunching but JZ was a little sloppy.  Very good all round performance.

JZ Calvacante – Unable to do much from guard.  kawajiri was able to control him from the top for most of rd 1 (10 minutes).  kawajiri was counterpunching very effectively.  JZ was most dangerous with his choke attempts.  Good striker with sub defense is going to give him problems.

Abel Cullem – great submission defenses, very tough.  his standup is a little limited.  stay away from him as a favorite, wait for him to be an underdog against all but the very best guys.

Hideo Tokoro – good movement.  tokoro is best when he fights allround fighters that will mix it up.  tokoro is capable against anyone, although sharp strikers can nail him early on.

Takaya – a little sloppy in his striking. more physical than tokoro, but not as talented.

Maeda – plodding with not much explosion. works for position on the ground, but doesnt do much when he gets there.

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