Small Shows Update 6/5/9

Paul Bradley – went 3 rounds with Mike Pierce at an unbeleivable pace.  He’s a little vunerable to punches, Pierce hit him a lot. Great mma body, he can control most guys who can’t match him physically.  Good strikers with great takedown defense can give him some problems, but he’ll impose himself on most others.

Leonardo Pecanha – long, but not skinny, submission guy who’s not afraid to mix it up standing.  he needs to be on the mat and scrambling.

Eric Henry – dangerous, but sloppy strikes.  solid wrestler will wear him out.

Red Fraser– a little bit of a plodder, but hes well rounded with some explosive striking.  For a guy with only 1 fight he pretty seasoned.

Erin Toughill – decent boxing, throughs hard punches. a little slow, but very determined

Emily Thompson – good takedowns but needs to control position better, could be that her opponent was good at escaping.  not a great boxer

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