UFC 77 Aftermath- Fighter Notes

Anderson Silva-everyone is building him a shrine, he was impressive. he is fighting consistently, improving and avoiding injury. striking was very crisp. hard to find much wrong. hes not faced a real bad ass striker and its possible that gets in trouble a slugfest.

Rich Franklin-looks like he will struggle against the really good strikers at 185. he’s not quite quick enough to win the exchanges and he’s vulnerable to the big shots. can probably still compete well against the grapplers and bjj guys.

Brandon Vera-did not bother getting in shape for the biggest fight of his career. i don’t think he’s big enough to hold his own in the heavyweight division, the bigger fighters will just push him into the fence where he’s got no answers. He does not match up well against the top fighters at 205 either. Vera should handle lesser talented guys but, dont look for upsets against bettor fighters.

Tim Sylvia- fought smart, used his advantages well. looked very good when he was trading punches, short shots with power. he’s ready to fight anyone right now

Alvin Robinson– average win. did not really learn much except that he can defend the ground game.

Jorge Gurgel- despite the announcers, Gurgel did very little with his bjj when he was in control. He looked better standing and trading in his previous fight. His ground game is not good enough by itself, he lacks the ability to do much with a fighter at full strength.

Eric Schafer– nothing of note really

Stephan Bonnar– impressive fight, best fitness level I seen him at. his gnp looked good. he’s hit or miss against a good standup fighter, but stands a chance against anyone. I don’t think hes far behind Forrest or Jardine, as long as he is focused and healthy, he’s capable of the same results. Jardine is better standing, but Bonnar’s ground game is better than both.

Kalib Starnes– regardless of the stoppage or not, he was getting soundly beaten by Belcher. Starnes looked a little soft too. Starnes looks like topped out at his current level, which is on par with Leben and the other guys he’s beaten. Inconsistent.

Alan Belcher– was very improved. he’s got some explosiveness and quickness. Belcher has made a steady improvement and should do well at the next level of competition. He should beat any stale fighters.