UFC 82 Post Fight Notes

Anderson Silva– What can you say?  He dominates everyone that is suppose to beat him.  Henderson should have given him fits on the mat, but Silva handled it fine when Hendo got him down.

Dan Henderson– Was unable to do much with Silva even though he should have had advantages in both wrestling and strength.  Losses to Silva, Rampage are nothing to be ashamed of but his win over Wandy is somewhat suspect considering how easily Wandy was handled by Chuck.  Its hard to say if age is catching up with Hendo, but for now, he’s a little shaky.  Especially if he shows up as a big favorite next time.

Chris Wilson– gave Fitch all he wanted.  Wilson was a little tenative and allowed Fitch to stalk him.  Maybe Wilson likes to counter, but I don’t think so.  Wilson should get some love in his next fight, but i don’t think he’s got the ability to beat any of the top guys.  His striking is pretty good, but that’s not a secret anymore.

John Fitch– Had some trouble with Wilson’s standup, but adjusted and overcame.  Kind of a blah performance, but he was effective and got in three good rounds of competition.  Certainly he improves from this fight, but if Wilson can touch him whats going to happen when he faces GSP?

Evan Tanner– Okami was a terrible matchup for Tanner to come back against.  Tanner showed rust and was a sitting duck. Didn’t really learn much about Tanner.  Unbettable at this point.

Yushin Okami– Stays sharp, showed a little more versatility is his game, but he was not threatened and in his comfort zone.   Active, strong, and healthy.  Picked up the nickname Thunder somehow.

Heath Herring–  Unimpressive win.  He was taken down easily and often.  His punching is sloppy and he gets hit a lot.  Kongo gave him the win.

Cheick Kongo–   Disgusting loss.  His takedowns were very good, but is that what he really wants to do.  Kongo needs to use his physical advantages like he did against CroCop.  How’s he going to fight? Underdog play only.

Chris Leben– Nothing new about Leben.  Bad body, slugger.  Anyone willing to trade shots with him is taking big risks. Leben fights are like video games.

Alessio Sakara-Not enough boxing talent to be effective consistently.  He lost several standup shootouts where he’s just a little behind.

UFC 77 Aftermath- Fighter Notes

Anderson Silva-everyone is building him a shrine, he was impressive. he is fighting consistently, improving and avoiding injury. striking was very crisp. hard to find much wrong. hes not faced a real bad ass striker and its possible that gets in trouble a slugfest.

Rich Franklin-looks like he will struggle against the really good strikers at 185. he’s not quite quick enough to win the exchanges and he’s vulnerable to the big shots. can probably still compete well against the grapplers and bjj guys.

Brandon Vera-did not bother getting in shape for the biggest fight of his career. i don’t think he’s big enough to hold his own in the heavyweight division, the bigger fighters will just push him into the fence where he’s got no answers. He does not match up well against the top fighters at 205 either. Vera should handle lesser talented guys but, dont look for upsets against bettor fighters.

Tim Sylvia- fought smart, used his advantages well. looked very good when he was trading punches, short shots with power. he’s ready to fight anyone right now

Alvin Robinson– average win. did not really learn much except that he can defend the ground game.

Jorge Gurgel- despite the announcers, Gurgel did very little with his bjj when he was in control. He looked better standing and trading in his previous fight. His ground game is not good enough by itself, he lacks the ability to do much with a fighter at full strength.

Eric Schafer– nothing of note really

Stephan Bonnar– impressive fight, best fitness level I seen him at. his gnp looked good. he’s hit or miss against a good standup fighter, but stands a chance against anyone. I don’t think hes far behind Forrest or Jardine, as long as he is focused and healthy, he’s capable of the same results. Jardine is better standing, but Bonnar’s ground game is better than both.

Kalib Starnes– regardless of the stoppage or not, he was getting soundly beaten by Belcher. Starnes looked a little soft too. Starnes looks like topped out at his current level, which is on par with Leben and the other guys he’s beaten. Inconsistent.

Alan Belcher– was very improved. he’s got some explosiveness and quickness. Belcher has made a steady improvement and should do well at the next level of competition. He should beat any stale fighters.

UFC 77 Betting Picks

Article submitted to MMAGame.

I think UFC 77 is the best event for betting I have seen in a long time.  If you are a true MMA fan, then the 4 main fights are all intriguing matchups.

I have strong opinions on three of the four, the exception being Starnes vs Belcher.  Although I favor Starnes, both guys are talented but unproven in my eyes. So, I will take a pass on this one and invest in the other three.

Let’s start with the Championship fight.  Here’s the deal.  If you think Rich Franklin is the same fighter he was before the first fight (just as good now as he was then,) you have to bet him.  2-1 is a dream.  I, however, believe that the beating Silva gave him that night ended the career of the championship level Rich Franklin.  Silva has moved forward in his development as a complete fighter, while Franklin has fought to regain his confidence. You can make a case that Franklin is bigger and will take him down etc… but I see it as Silva is at a completely different level than Franklin, physically and mentally.  I’m taking Spider.

Everyone hates Tim Sylvia, but I don’t get it.  Sylvia is one of the most resilient fighters we have ever seen, he uses his strengths better than any fighter I can think of, and he’s a hard working fool.  No way Vera should be favored over big Timmy.  Even if you buy into all the Vera hype, that should make him about even up with the former champion-at best!  Tim’s loss to Couture looks a lot better now that Randy tore through Gonzaga.  Fighting styles will matter in this one.  Expect Vera to have a similar plan that Couture used to defeat Sylvia, except more knees in close.  Sylvia will be ready for it, and you can bet your last tater that he won’t fall into that trap again.  Look for Sylvia to use his size effectively as he controls the pace.  Sylvia will frustrate Vera and take him off his game.  Easy win for Sylvia.  Big Bet!!!

Okami is physically superior to Jason MacDonald.  MacDonald lacks the crisp, effective punching that he will need to keep the Japanese mauler off him.  The combination of a physically stronger fighter facing a submission fighter is a profit machine.  Okami will bull his way to MacDonald’s chest whenever he feels like it, where he can take him down and gnp as long as he wants.  Some say that Okami is a slow starter, but here’s the secret…Okami knows he’s strong enough to escape submission attempts once the fighter start getting sweaty.  He keeps himself out of trouble until everyones good a warm, then goes to work.  Bet Okami with confidence.

Top 100 Pound for Pound

I got a vote in the Inside MMA poll for the top 100 pound for pound fighters.   Here’s how I ranked them for the poll.

Quinton Jackson
Fedor Emelianenko
Dan Henderson
Georges St. Pierre
B.J. Penn
Anderson Silva
Joe Stevenson
Urijah Faber
Matt Hughes
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
Paulo Filho
Rich Franklin
Tyson Griffin
Jon Fitch
Takanori Gomi
Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou
Brandon Vera
Cheick Kongo
Randy Couture
Keith Jardine
Yushin Okami
Josh Koscheck
Chase Beebe
Cub Swanson
Jake Shields
Robbie Lawler
Wanderlei Silva
Tim Sylvia
Gabriel Gonzaga
Forrest Griffin
Akitoshi Tamura
Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
Takeshi Inoue
Houston Alexander
Matt Lindland
Brock Larson
Denis Kang
Diego Sanchez
Andrei Arlovski
Matt Serra
Chuck Liddell
Mauricio Rua
Ricardo Arona
Nate Marquardt
Hermes Franca
Alistair Overeem
Hayato “Mach” Sakurai
Kendall Grove
Rashad Evans
Cung Le
Ben Rothwell
Kenny Florian
Gilbert Melendez
Roger Huerta
Antonio Carvalho
Rob McCullough
Spencer Fisher
Hatsu Hioki
Lyoto Machida
Josh Barnett
Antonio McKee
Masakazu Imanari
Delson Heleno
Drew McFedries
Jeff Curran
Kid Yamamoto
Doug Marshall
Marcus Hicks
Frank Shamrock
Frank Trigg
Nick Diaz
Karo Parisyan
Carlos Condit
Benji Radach
Matt Hamill
Tatsuya Kawajiri
Shinya Aoki
Rani Yahya
Blas Avena
Brian Stann
Jamie Varner
Joachim Hansen
Tito Ortiz
Bart Palaszewski
Pedro Rizzo
Vitor Ribeiro
Chris Horodecki
Miguel Torres
Michael Bisping
Aleksander Emelianenko
Fabricio Werdum
Murilo “Ninja” Rua
Wagnney Fabiano
Josh Thomson
Marcus Davis
Thiago Tavares
Jorge Santiago
Martin Kampmann
Richard Crunkilton Jr.
Bang Ludwig
Clay Guida
Nate Diaz

Sherk was omitted until his status is cleared up.

MMA Power Rankings

Current MMA rankings are based on zewkey.com members’ rankings after each major MMA event. The (+100) is a form of power ranking MMA fighters, estimating the approximate  UFC odds differential between the fighters. The MMA power rankings are for all organizations and rank MMA fighters worldwide. Voice your opinion on the MMA rankings in our forum.

Heavyweight Rankings:

  1. Fedor
  2. Big Nog (+200)
  3. Gabriel Gonzaga (+200)
  4. CroCop (+220)
  5. Randy Couture (+300)
  6. Josh Barnett (+300)
  7. Tim Sylvia (+280)
  8. Andrei Arlovski (+320)
  9. Fabricio Werdum (+380)
  10. Brandon Vera (+380)

Light Heavyweight Rankings:

  1. Shogun Rua
  2. Dan Henderson (even)
  3. Quinton Jackson (even)
  4. Chuck Liddell (+60)
  5. Wanderlei Silva (+100)
  6. Sokoudjou (+100)
  7. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (+180)
  8. Ricardo Arona (+220)
  9. Rashad Evans (+280)
  10. Alistair Overeem (+260)

Middleweight Rankings:

  1. Paulo Filho
  2. Anderson Silva (+20)
  3. Dan Henderson (+20)
  4. Rich Franklin (+80)
  5. Matt Lindland (+100)
  6. Denis Kang (+100)
  7. Nate Marquardt (+100)
  8. Yushin Okami (+120)
  9. Kendall Grove (+130)
  10. Brock Larson (+130)

Welterweight Rankings:

  1. Georges St. Pierre
  2. Matt Hughes (+20)
  3. BJ Penn (+60)
  4. Josh Koscheck (+60)
  5. Diego Sanchez (+120)
  6. Jon Fitch (+120)
  7. Nick Diaz (+180)
  8. Karo Parisyan (+180)
  9. Jake Shields (+200)
  10. Matt Serra (+300)

Lightweight Rankings:

  1. Sean Sherk
  2. Takanori Gomi (+50)
  3. BJ Penn (+60)
  4. Hayato “Mach” Sakurai (+100)
  5. Tatsuya Kawajiri (+100)
  6. Gilbert Melendez (+120)
  7. Shinya Aoki (+120)
  8. Joe Stevenson (+100)
  9. Joachim Hansen (+160)
  10. Tyson Griffin (+160)