WEC 32 Aftermath

Manny Tapia– The best I have ever seen him look. Tapia is progressing steadily.  A little concerned about his punch power, Banuelos was walking right through his punches, a lot of them.  Tapia was busy throughout but nothing spectacular.  He should be a decent favorite, as he will most likely handle any lesser opponents, but I dont see him breaking thru to the top level yet.  Be careful  a  good puncher could do some damage, he leaves himself open while throughing his hands.

Antonio Banuelos– basically fought evenly with Tapia.  He missed some opportunities on the ground that cost him the victory.  His stand up is on par with Tapia.  I have no idea about his sub defense.

Chase Beebe– Not a bad effort in his loss.  He showed some ability in stand up, could still improve a bunch though.  He was ready and fought to his style, but Torres was just better.  Beebe gets better from this.

Miguel Torres–  Tremendous BJJ.  Transitioning from one move to another flawlessly, Beebe had no answers.  Torres overcame a significant strength disadvantage and looked very similar to Condit or Nate Diaz.  Maybe someone can outstrike him, but he looks comfortable in all phases.

Rob McCullough– Suffered a bad loss, which could lead to significant decline.  He was unable to get off and took a pretty bad beating when he tried to force it.  Varner is not known as a striker and took him apart.  Confidence most likely takes a big hit as well as the physical damage.  I don’t like his chances coming back against a quality opponent.

Jamie Varner– Showed some striking skills when he was unable to get his takedowns.  He’s more well rounded than I thought.  The fight had a little bit of everything for him and I cant see anything but improvement coming in his next fight.

Carlos Condit–  another god win. what can you say?  The guy handles everything thrown at him.  Its going to take a quick striker with good combos and a takedown defense to beat him at this level.  Im not sure Prater gave him much of a serious challenge

Carlo Prater–  Overmatched by Condit at this point in their careers. Prater’s a lay n prayer and needs his opponent to be less skilled and physically weaker.