Bob Sapp Headlines Strikeforce Show

Bob Sapp returns to the US to fight in this weekends Strikeforce event.  Already a wealthy dude he can’t help but think about a big payday with Kimbo Slice.

                    BH: What are your thoughts on Kimbo Slice?

BS: Slice is starting and doing it right. He will only get better as he learns submissions. He has big dynamite fists, one of iron, the other one of steel. If the right one doesn’t get you, the left one will.

BH: Do you see yourself fighting Slice down the road?

BS: Yeah, I would love to fight Slice. I think it would be great because he has devastating fists and I have great strength. I would love to set that up.

But first the “Beast” must get past another huge fighter, 6-11 Jan Nortje.  Although Sapp (-800) is a huge favorite to win, his stamina is always a concern.  A win on Saturday could set up a huge moneymaker for both Sapp and Kimbo.  Sapp brings a lot of intrigue with his incredible size and Kimbo is already driving zillions of hits in internet traffic.

Tickets for Bodog Fight Presents: “Strikeforce At The Dome,” priced at $150, $75 and $35, are on sale at the Tacoma Dome box office and