WEC 31 Notes – Postfight

Urijah Faber– probably gets even better after this fight.  Curran gave him so needed competition and put him in some bad spots, but Faber showed some real good submission defense until he got it turned around and did his thing.

Jeff Curran– fought better than I expected.  He’s a win some, lose some kind of fighter when faced with equal opposition. He got the better of Faber on the ground for the first round but did not have the strength to put him away.

Charlie Valencia-quick and crisp punching set up everything for him.  He is exactly the type of fighter that could threaten Beebe.  Did not learn much about his TD defense which will be huge against Beebe.

Ian McCall– maybe a little outclass by Valencia, but he was not afraid to stick his head in an throw his shots.  No flinching or nothing, Valencia just hit his mark first.  He could be dangerous against most fighters

Doug Marshall- Took a couple shots but ended up arm barring Gandulla.  The fight was pretty short but Marshall showed he may not be as one dimensional as most portray him. Gandulla got home with a couple punches which sends up a few red flags, but all in all Marshall showed continued improvement.

Ariel Gandulla- still needs lots of work, at 39 years old, big improvement is unlikely.

Paulo Filho– looked very slow, almost lethargic, for a second consectutive fight.  He is going to have big trouble against a good clean striker,  Nobody with any sense will go the ground with him though.  Iron grip. Very shaky as a big favorite, overrated.  He did overcome some real dangerous situations in this fight.  

Chael Sonnen – Almost finished Filho, but his punching was sloppy and slow.  He did not push the pace when he had Filho in trouble and after dominating stand up he reverted back to his wrestling, which led to his demise.  He appears to be very susceptible to submissions.

Jens Pulver– not much can be learned from such a quick fight.

Cub Swanson– put himself into a terrible position, tap the breaks a little.  He should get better off this fight.  plenty of training and a big dose of common sense.