HDNet 2 Post fight Notes

Mayhem Miller-he gets better as the fight goes on.  Stand up is very sloppy, good  striker  should  handle  him easily.  Seems a little weak.

Tim Kennedy- mid level fighter.  fairly well rounded, but not a good enough striker to cause trouble against top level guys.  decent wrestler, but unable to show any finishing ability.  I don’t see him shocking any top fighters.

Edwin Dewees– still unable to win against a top level fighter.  I don’t like the path he’s on, no reason to see any improvement until he makes some major changes.

Frank Trigg- solid performance.  nothing new to learn from this fight.

Yves Edwards– nothing impressive, he’s still not the fighter most of us remember.

Alonzo Martinez-nothing to note

Krzysztof Soszynski out cardio’ed his opponent.  Very tough guy to do a lot against, but his offense is lacking.  Does little to win the fight.  Likely to improve, good attitude and work environment.  He’s already better than he showed in the IFL.

Robert Villegas- gassed after round 1.  He’s got some talent and should not be dismissed, but a solid defensive fighter with some striking ability should handle him easily.

Tristan Yunker- soft, could not make weight.  not sure if he cares enough to take it seriously.

Pete Spratt- don’t be fooled by the win.  Yunker was not ready to fight much.  Spratt was taken down too easily, but Yunker did nothing with it.  A better fighter will.

Corey Mahon one of the two best fighters on the card.  Young guy got a lot of valuable experience and a win over Bowles, who is solid on the ground.  Mahon is high energy and physically strong enough to overcome some mistakes.  He should continue to get better.  Crisp strikers will give him the most trouble.

Chris Bowles- Good wrestler.  This loss should not take anything from him.  Mahon was good

Nissen Osterneck- impressive.  great shape.  pushed the pace until he gnp a win.  looks like a good pro, very strong.  very capable fighter.