IFL Semifinal Aftermath

Wagnney Fabiano: dealt with striking of Gunderson fairly easily and dominated on the ground.  Tough to know how good he is until he fights some top level guys, but I think he can hold his own against anyone, including the guys in the top 10.

John Gunderson:  he was unable to control the action which led to his loss.  he’s made major improvements this year, but he showed a weakness to the ground skills of Fabiano.  Fits better with fighters who will stand and trade than well rounded ground fighters.

Bart Palaszewski: Seems to settle into his opponent’s style too often, which makes him a shaky favorite.  He showed more game than usual with a good takedown, ground and pound, and a few sub attempts.  Bart has a lot of talent, but seems to lack a sense of urgency.  He’s a had a couple losses, but he still looks very effective to me.

Chris Horodecki: Yeah, he beat Bartimus, but the most impressive thing was the determination he showed when it looked like he was in deep trouble.  He’s got more guts than I gave him credit for earlier.  He’s a solid fighter but a crisp counter puncher could catch him and his gnp defense has some holes.  Horodecki’s standup look better than previously, quick and flowing combinations.

Benji Radach– another KO.  he’s ready to see some better fighters.

Vladimir Matyushenko: he’s dangerous against anyone at 205.  his wrestling is top quality.  a good striker better have great TD defense or the fight is going to the ground.  appears to have superior strength.

Alex Shoenauer:  his striking was much better than i have seen in the past, he’s notch or two below Vladdy’s level.