Ultimate Fight Night 11 Notes-Aftermath

Here’s my opinions on the fighter’s performances.

Kenny Florian– good solid performance. as usual, he showed up ready to go. he effectively handled Din’s stand up and showed more stand up ability of his own. you can see his steady improvement. i am still leary of him against a bulldog like sherk or tyson griffin, but he moves up a notch.

Din Thomas- sustained a knee injury. he was fighting well up to the injury. typical din thomas action. the fight did not go long enough to see how his boxing skills/gameplan would have worked. if his injury is not serious, he stays put. a serious knee injury drops him off the map though.

Chris Leben– you have to move him up a little. he is competitive against anyone and always capable of pulling an upset. Leben is way to inconsistent to play as a favorite against anyone. Good punching and power. Don’t ever underestimate him.

Terry Martin- showed good standup, although his power was not great against Leben (good chin). I think Martin improves off this fight, he should have learned some valuable lessons. Even during this fight he adjusted, by tightening up his punch. Look for more of that. Fitness could be improved.

Pete Sell– Took a tough loss. He looked better in this fight than I have ever seen him. With any luck and a couple breaks, Sell would be in line for a title fight. He just can’t quite get the job done. He should need some extended recovery from this brutal fight, but he will get better. Got hit too much. Should have some good value in his next fight.

Nate Quarry- showed no ring rust. He is a tough dude. His Striking was effective, but he took too much punishment. A sharp puncher with real power could give him some trouble. He managed some submission attempts in a stand up war. Will need some recovery, but he looked good.

Nate Diaz his transitions are great, he has very good instincts. move him up. his striking set up the choke. he should get better and better. Diaz can deal with physically superior guys with no problems. he is very similar to Carlos Condit. As his standup evolves, he will be very difficult to deal with. Great attitude.

Junior Assuncao– competed well until he got hurt with a punch. dealt with Nate’s bjj (very good) effectively early on. Don’t throw him under the bus because of this loss.