UFC 76 Notes – Aftermath

Now that the dust has settled, here are my thoughts about some of the fighters and what the impact is on future UFC betting.

Chuck Liddell– As Rogan was said, Chuck had problems “getting off,” that’s a boxing phrase that’s used a lot when describing old fighters.  Liddell is going to have big problems with any strikers that are quick and crisp punchers.  Look to bet against him if he gets matched up with anyone but submission fighters.

Keith Jardine- Continues to improve.  His loss to Alexander did little to slow down his development.  He is playable as an underdog against anyone in the division, but I would not lay odds with him (he will be overvalued if he faces some lesser opponents. He gets hit a lot still and anyone with power can rock him at any time.  Not sure how would handle some of the submission guys, but there are not many at 205 anyway.

Forrest Griffin- Similar progression to Jardine.  Although he looks like a better all around fighter to me.  His ground defense is better than I thought and he’s improved on his mental skills.   His style is always going to put him at risk, but thats his game.  Can compete with anyone and deserves consideration anytime he’s a dog.  I feel better play him as a favorite than Jardine, but not at a high price.

Shogun Rua– His performance was bad.  He was soundly beaten by Griffin.  I’m not betting his next fight under any circumstance, although I expect him to get things sorted out and come back strong.  I’m giving him a pass on this fight and will re-evaluate after his next bout.

Thiago Tavares-Ran into Tyson Griffin, whose fight very well.  Tavares is a very good ground fighter that is constantly looking for submissions.  Tavares should struggle with Sherk, Griffin, Stevenson but he’s good enough to handle all the other guys at 155.  Watch for betting opportunities, he’s still fairly unknown and coming off a loss, he could have some value.

Tyson Griffin– Fits in the top contender status, no doubt. He is a solid all around fighter that should be considered playable as a sizable favorite.  Looks like he’s damn near unchokable and the only way I see him getting in real trouble is from a top quality puncher that can land some heavy combos then sub him, maybe Gomi?  Hansen?

Keith Jardine Profile

jardine-toon-300x279.pngD.O.B.: 10/31/1975
Weight: 205lb/93kg
Height: 6’2″
Fighting style: Gaidojutsu, Kickboxing
MMA Record: 12-3-1
Fighting out of: Butte, Montana

Keith Jardine is an American mixed martial arts fighter. He currently fights as a light-heavyweight for the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Jardine made his professional mixed martial arts debut in 2001, defeating Amir Rahnavardi via armbar submission. He would win five out of his next six bouts, suffering one knockout loss to Travis Wiuff, before debuting in the Japan’s Pancrase organization in 2003. Jardine’s bout in Pancrase, with Keiichiro Yamamiya, ended in a draw. Jardine defeated his next two opponents, including a submission win over Red Devil Sport Club fighter Arman Gambaryan. Jardine made his debut with the UFC on the reality TV series the Ultimate Fighter 2, where he was cast as a heavyweight under coach Rich Franklin. Jardine was one of the favorites to proceed to the Heavyweight division’s finals, but was not selected to fight until the semi-finals, where he was defeated by eventual season two Heavyweight winner Rashad Evans.

Although Jardine was eliminated from The Ultimate Fighter 2, his tenure with the UFC would continue. Jardine made his first appearance on an official UFC fight card at the TUF 2 Finale, defeating fellow season two Heavyweight Kerry Schall by TKO due to leg kicks. Jardine subsequently dropped down a weight class to the Light-Heavyweight division, and defeated Mike Whitehead, another TUF 2 competitor, by unanimous decision at UFC 57.

At UFC 66, Jardine scored a TKO victory in the first round over winner of The Ultimate Fighter 1, Forrest Griffin. Jardine’s next fight was against UFC newcomer Houston Alexander at UFC 71. After having complained about having to face an unknown fighter when he felt he deserved a more high profile match, Jardine was knocked out 48 seconds into the first round after a vicious assault by Alexander.

Jardine faces Chuck Liddell at UFC 76 Preview of the Fight