UFC 79 Aftermath

GSP– looked dominant. should be a safe favorite for the foreseeable future. the trend continues. younger, truly balanced mma fighters are proving no match for the old guard guys still left in the game.

Matt Hughes– still looks very dangerous, but will he continue to stay involved mentally.

Wanderlei Silva– looked like a shot fighter. his sloppy punching will get him killed against some of the good strikers at 205. Possibly dangerous against submission fighters when he can get them in a clinch.

Chuck Liddell- big win is somewhat tainted by Wandy’s opposition. Chuck continued to show caution and a limited attack.

Lyoto Machida– showed he is a very solid fighter that is capable of controlling a physically superior guy. What happens if he faces a good striker with good TD defense though? still a few questions, but Machida should not be discounted against anyone.

Sokoudjou– looked tentative and cautious, similar to other Pride fighters in their UFC debuts. For now he is only playable as an underdog or against inferior opponents.

Rich Clementi– best he’s been. his game has improved in all areas. He fits in just below the Griffin, Edgar, Huerta level.

Melvin Guillard– talent is not coming thru for him. He needs some “grit” in his game. He needs to drop it down a couple levels and get some solid wins under his belt while retooling his game.

Eddie Sanchez– Lacks the power and quickness to be a real threat to the top guys. gatekeeper

UFC Early Lines

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Is it just me or does it seem like Roger Huerta (+110) fights on every UFC card? He shows up again in the main event at the TUF 6 Finale, where he is matched up with Clay Guida (-140). At first glance, many might think Huerta as an underdog is a dream come true. The bookmaker’s don’t make many mistakes, and this could be the classic “trap” bet.

“Guida has beat or came close to beating the very best in the lw division (aurelio, griffin, melendez, thompson). I cant see an inferior wrestler keeping him on his back nor off his own. But for sure guida wont finish this fight.

Guida via Unanimous Decision easily.” -Hardcorelikealgore

Huerta has not displayed much punching power in his previous fights when he was clearly the superior fighter. Without the threat of damaging strikes, Guida should get be able to control where the fights takes place. Guida wrestling ability will be better than anything Huerta has seen.

“I don’t think it’ll be easy for Guida. But the fight that keeps resounding in my mind, is Huerta’s poor TD defense against a solid wrestler in Doug Evans.” -infamoushamster

Georges St Pierre (-250) saves everyone’s holiday season by stepping in to fight Matt Hughes (+200). Their last fight had the most betting action I have ever seen in MMA (other than every time Nick Diaz fights.) St Pierre is the probably the one fighter that deserves to be favored over Hughes. Everyone knows how these two match up, GSP is great standing, Hughes is a wrestling god. Hughes has become one of those guys you love or hate and no amount of analysis is going to change anyone’s mind in this fight. So this is what I think…The opening line has been set to encourage betting on Hughes, as the fight date nears GSP’s odds will get better.

If you like Hughes bet him now, Matt Hughes should never be 2-1 underdog!

If you like GSP wait until the odds get under -200.

MMA Power Rankings

Current MMA rankings are based on zewkey.com members’ rankings after each major MMA event. The (+100) is a form of power ranking MMA fighters, estimating the approximate¬† UFC odds differential between the fighters. The MMA power rankings are for all organizations and rank MMA fighters worldwide. Voice your opinion on the MMA rankings in our forum.

Heavyweight Rankings:

  1. Fedor
  2. Big Nog (+200)
  3. Gabriel Gonzaga (+200)
  4. CroCop (+220)
  5. Randy Couture (+300)
  6. Josh Barnett (+300)
  7. Tim Sylvia (+280)
  8. Andrei Arlovski (+320)
  9. Fabricio Werdum (+380)
  10. Brandon Vera (+380)

Light Heavyweight Rankings:

  1. Shogun Rua
  2. Dan Henderson (even)
  3. Quinton Jackson (even)
  4. Chuck Liddell (+60)
  5. Wanderlei Silva (+100)
  6. Sokoudjou (+100)
  7. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (+180)
  8. Ricardo Arona (+220)
  9. Rashad Evans (+280)
  10. Alistair Overeem (+260)

Middleweight Rankings:

  1. Paulo Filho
  2. Anderson Silva (+20)
  3. Dan Henderson (+20)
  4. Rich Franklin (+80)
  5. Matt Lindland (+100)
  6. Denis Kang (+100)
  7. Nate Marquardt (+100)
  8. Yushin Okami (+120)
  9. Kendall Grove (+130)
  10. Brock Larson (+130)

Welterweight Rankings:

  1. Georges St. Pierre
  2. Matt Hughes (+20)
  3. BJ Penn (+60)
  4. Josh Koscheck (+60)
  5. Diego Sanchez (+120)
  6. Jon Fitch (+120)
  7. Nick Diaz (+180)
  8. Karo Parisyan (+180)
  9. Jake Shields (+200)
  10. Matt Serra (+300)

Lightweight Rankings:

  1. Sean Sherk
  2. Takanori Gomi (+50)
  3. BJ Penn (+60)
  4. Hayato “Mach” Sakurai (+100)
  5. Tatsuya Kawajiri (+100)
  6. Gilbert Melendez (+120)
  7. Shinya Aoki (+120)
  8. Joe Stevenson (+100)
  9. Joachim Hansen (+160)
  10. Tyson Griffin (+160)