UFC 76 Parlays

UFC 76 Parlay Ideas

Parlays are combination bets where it’s all or nothing., what I mean is that you must pick all the fights in your parlay correctly or you lose it. The more fights you have in your parlay, the higher the payoff. Parlays can be great when you win, because you make small bets to win big money. Who doesn’t like that? Currently two sites take MMA Parlays BetUs and 5Dimes.

A couple of important points about parlaying fights. First, it becomes more important to find the betting site with the best odds. Your payout’s are multiplied (2.6x for 2 man, 6x for 3 man, 12x for a 4 man,) so the difference in a couple fighters listed at -120 instead of -140 can mean and additional $100 in your pocket. Here’s our Parlay Calculator to help you with payoff figures. Second, heavily favored fighters add very little value to the payout. So, lets leave them out of our parlays. The reward does not justify the risk or the anguish you will suffer after hitting 3 fights only to watch Matt Serra steal your treasure in the main event.

I like to identify a fighter, or two, that I think is a very likely winner and make that fighter my “key.” I then use my key fighter to build several combinations. Tyson Griffin is my key for UFC 76.

  1. Tyson Griffin + Liddell ($1 wins $1)
  2. Tyson Griffin + Shogun ($1 wins $1)
  3. Tyson Griffin + Fitch ($1 wins $2)
  4. Tyson Griffin + Liddell + Fitch ($1 wins $3)

There are the combinations I like in the featured fights. All favorites this time. The last two UFC events I have had losing fighter as my key fighters (Hamill and Grove), it’s time to get things turned around. I have to stay patient and bet the ones I am confident in winning.

Ultimate Fight Night 11 Betting Info

flovthomas.pngUltimate Fight Night 11

UFN 11 is a great betting card in my opinion. We’ve got a couple polarizing fighters with Chris Leben and Kenny Florian, a talented fighter coming back after a 2 year layoff, and a bunch of TUF alumni displaying their progress. Check out the MMA SuperPage for complete UFN Odds.

The main event features Kenny Florian vs Din Thomas. Florian has retooled his body and game since losing to Sherk and looks to get back into the title chase with a win over Din. The spotlight has not been focused on KenFlo, but he’s fought impressively in 2007. Din Thomas has been successful, as well, this year. His win over Clay Guida is particularly nice, now that Guida has shown the world that he’s for real. MMA betting is not about what you have done, it’s about what you are going to do. Both these guys look like they are ready for a top effort Wednesday night.

You can argue styles and skill sets all you want, this fight will be decide by a small margin and who is able to take advantage of any opportunity. KenFlo probably has an edge in scramblability and Din an edge is striking and physical strength. I am impressed the manner in which Florian prepares, he’s a serious pro all the way and that’s why he will win this one.

Pete Sell’s fight against Nate Quarry should draw a lot of bettor’s attention. Quarry is a very talented fighter who has not fought for almost two years after losing to Rich Franklin. These two have fought before, Quarry earned his title shot against Franklin with a first round KO of Sell. Pete Sell’s recent record is nothing great, but he has been fighting good opponents and competing well. At first glance Quarry seems like a likely winner, “but not so fast, my friend.” In the two years Quarry has been absent, Sell has been getting training, fighting, and improving under the eye of Serra. Sell is in good form and should be able to control the early action as Quarry tries to adjust to his pace. Quarry’s got too many questions to answer and Sell been thinking about that first round KO for two years. Revenge is sweet, especially at +200.

UFC 75 Betting Odds – Champion vs. Champion

The UFC betting group will be part of history when Pride Fighting unites with the UFC in UFC 75 – Champion vs. Champion on Saturday at the O2 Arena in London, England.

In the main event, UFC champion Quinton ”Rampage” Jackson will take on Pride champion Dan Henderson to unite the two MMA giants.

Henderson is the only man to simultaneously hold two titles in two different weight categories. He’ll bring an MMA record of 22-5-0 to the cage. Henderson has dominated in Pride with attitude, wrestling skills and knockout power in both hands.

The Middleweight and Welterweight champion has an unprecedented resume. In 1992 and 1996 he was a member of the United States Olympic Greco-Roman Wrestling team, 1988 USA Junior Freestyle champion, 1988 USA Junior Greco-Roman champion, 3-time USA Senior Greco-Roman champion, 3-time USA University Greco-Roman champion, 1990 USA FILA Junior World Greco-Roman champion, 1990 Amateur Wrestling News Freshman All-American, 1990-91 U.S. Olympic Festival champion, 1991 and 1993-94 University Nationals champion, 1993-94 U.S. Nationals champion, UFC 17 middleweight tournament winner and RINGS 1999 King of Kings Absolute tournament winner.

UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jackson is also a stellar wrestler with strength and slamming ability. In his last fight, Jackson beat Chuck ”The Iceman” Liddell by way of technical knockout to claim the title. The victory proved Jackson can also bang with the best and has a solid standup game. He owns an MMA record of 27-6-0.

On paper, Jackson and Henderson are evenly matched. This fight will mostly likely go to the ground where both fighters are most comfortable. But don’t be shocked if a bomb is landed to end the bout.

UFC odds currently display Jackson the favorite of -140. The underdog has recently dominated UFC main events. Can Henderson (+110) continue the trend? Or will Jackson make oddsmakers look brilliant? Find out Saturday in the Champion vs. Champion historic event.

Also on the card, home town boy Michael “The Count” Bisping (-260) will do battle with Matt “The Hammer” Hamill (+200) in a Welterweight dandy, and heavily favored Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic (-400) will take on Cheick Kongo (+300) in a Heavyweight war.

There’s several more great fights making for a dazzling night of action for the sports betting community. Are you ready? Let’s get it on!


WEC Odds and WEC Betting info

WEC 30 is on live tomorrow for FREE!

WEC 30 Odds   BOF
Rich Crunkilton   +175
Rob McCullough   -215
Rani Yahya   even
Chase Beebe   -130
Jer. Billington   +185
Brian Stann   -225
Miguel Torres   even
Jeff Bedard   -130
Marcelo Brito   +280
John Alessio   -350
Scott McAfee   +205

Marcus Hicks                                                                    -255

Of the fights listed, I see 3 mismatches. Marcus Hicks is a dynamo that lets it all fly from start to finish. He’s got a lot of power in both hands and wants to stand about 2 inches from your nose and throw all he’s got. McAfee hails from the same organization that Doug Evans came from, Evans damn near upset Huerta. I’m not dismissing McAfee’s chances, but I think he will most likely be overwhelmed by Hicks. What I don’t like is the -255 beside Hicks’ name. That’s a little to risky for my taste, so unless the odds move to a more favorable number (less than -200) I will pass on this one.

Rob McCullough is tough dude with a solid game. He’s well rounded with a lot of KO power. I like the fact that he’s been fighting in the WEC for a couple years, he’s really in his element there and will be very difficult to beat. McCullough is on a major win streak and should soon find himself in a UFC octagon. Crunkilton’s only loss came in to Hermes Franca several years ago and just by looking at the records you would have to say this fight is a toss up. Crunkilton fits the mold of underdogs that I like to bet on. He’s a three dimensional fighter who’s been fighting/winning on a regular basis, he’s got his head screwed on right and he’s still improving. If you have seen both guys fight though, it’s apparent that McCullough is a notch above Crunkilton. This should be a competitive scrap, but in the end McCullough is slightly better in all aspects and should hold onto the title. Once again, I don’t like the odds placed on him and there is not enough value in Cleat’s +175 for me to take a shot on him.