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TUF 6 Aftermath

Clay Guida–  another tough loss.  He had Huerta in trouble and won the first two rounds.  Guida simply out-worked Huerta both rounds.  It is now evident that Guida has a weakness finishing quality opponents.  He allowed Huerta to hang on long enough to land the big knee.  Guida is a solid favorite to beat lesser opponents and he is a decent underdog play.

Roger Huerta– was taken down at will by Guida. I think this looms as big trouble when he faces the LW big boys, which is sure to come next.  Huerta landed some good punches but the power is not there, none had much effect on Guida.  If his punches are not effective, the really good LWs will take him down and put him on his back.  He is proving to be one of the smartest fighters in MMA, able to adjust his game instantly.  He has a better chance against the thinner LWs than the Sherk, Griffin, Edgar types.

Mac Danzig- I dont know if we learned anything about him in his win over Speer.  He’s a borderline top 10 LW already, along the same level as Huerta.  Other than Sherk, I give him a good shot a beating anyone in the LW division.  Looks like the type that will continually improve and handle lesser guys, while splitting against the top guys.

Tommy Speer- I am confused by his performance, but he mentioned being overwhelmed by the whole “event,” which makes some sense.  I will throw this one out and give him another chance.  He’s a powerful fighter with some real talent, but tread lightly for now.

John Koppenhaver- obviously never gives up.  He is open to too many shots.  A poor mans Forrest.  He looks way too inconsistent now, needs some fights (without injuries)

Jared Rollins- I think he is the guy to watch out of his war with Koppenhaver.  If he recovers, I think this fight might be a big turning point in his career.  He’s got skills, but he may have learned how to let it loose in the octagon.  His next fight will say a lot.

George Sotiropoulos– I suspect he beats almost everyone but a physically stronger opponent who can strike.  Not overly impressed.

Billy MilesNeeds more work.


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UFC Early Lines

BetOnFighting currently has the odds posted on several UFC fights. (All MMA Odds)

Is it just me or does it seem like Roger Huerta (+110) fights on every UFC card? He shows up again in the main event at the TUF 6 Finale, where he is matched up with Clay Guida (-140). At first glance, many might think Huerta as an underdog is a dream come true. The bookmaker’s don’t make many mistakes, and this could be the classic “trap” bet.

“Guida has beat or came close to beating the very best in the lw division (aurelio, griffin, melendez, thompson). I cant see an inferior wrestler keeping him on his back nor off his own. But for sure guida wont finish this fight.

Guida via Unanimous Decision easily.” -Hardcorelikealgore

Huerta has not displayed much punching power in his previous fights when he was clearly the superior fighter. Without the threat of damaging strikes, Guida should get be able to control where the fights takes place. Guida wrestling ability will be better than anything Huerta has seen.

“I don’t think it’ll be easy for Guida. But the fight that keeps resounding in my mind, is Huerta’s poor TD defense against a solid wrestler in Doug Evans.” -infamoushamster

Georges St Pierre (-250) saves everyone’s holiday season by stepping in to fight Matt Hughes (+200). Their last fight had the most betting action I have ever seen in MMA (other than every time Nick Diaz fights.) St Pierre is the probably the one fighter that deserves to be favored over Hughes. Everyone knows how these two match up, GSP is great standing, Hughes is a wrestling god. Hughes has become one of those guys you love or hate and no amount of analysis is going to change anyone’s mind in this fight. So this is what I think…The opening line has been set to encourage betting on Hughes, as the fight date nears GSP’s odds will get better.

If you like Hughes bet him now, Matt Hughes should never be 2-1 underdog!

If you like GSP wait until the odds get under -200.

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UFC Odds and EzFlyer’s UFC 74 Preview

UFC 74: Respect – Fight & Betting Line Analysis
by Matt Corenzwit
BetOnFighting.Com Staff Writer

MMA Odds Maker Nick Kalikas and www.BetOnfighting.com have released this weekends Official UFC 74 “Respect” Odds.

Rejoice, mixed martial arts fans, the wait is nearly over! At long last, the UFC is back in full swing this coming weekend and it isn’t stopping there. Following UFC 74: Respect, September is filled to the brim with three more events & the premier of The Ultimate Fighter 6. It’s a good time to be a UFC fan, and there are certainly some excellent opportunities across the board. UFC 74 is headlined by Randy Couture & Gabriel Gonzaga, who will be competing for the coveted Heavyweight crown, while potential #1 contender matches take place at 170 & 155 lbs.

Main Card

Gabriel Gonzaga (-150) Vs. Randy Couture (+120):

Many questions will be answered in Saturday’s Main Event, featuring Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture & challenger Gabriel Gonzaga. Can “The Natural” hold his own against his larger foe in a grappling affair? Was Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic’s knockout at the hands (or feet!) of Gonzaga a fluke? When will age catch up with the 44 year old champ? No matter the result, we will get some answers & in exciting fashion.

Enter the challenger: Gabriel “Napao” Gonzaga. A burly yet athletic 240+ lbs, the accomplished Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner boasts a substantial submission acumen. He is also a very tenacious fighter who presses forward very well & can end a fight in any round. If that wasn’t enough, he proved in his last fight against the vaunted Mirko “Cro Cop” that he has tremendous knockout power, delivering one of the more brutal high kicks in the sport’s history.

Champion Randy Couture (“Captain America”, “The Natural”, etc.), a decorated wrestler whose nickname count is exceeded by his UFC championships (and that’s saying something!), is coming off of his magnificent recapture of the Heavyweight belt. Coming out of retirement, the then forty-three year old stunned the mixed martial arts world by dominating the 6’8 incumbent champion, Tim Sylvia. A master of game plan, Couture has an unbreakable spirit and competitive edge, which has driven him throughout his hall of fame career.

On paper, Gonzaga, the larger, younger, & perceivably stronger fighter is a clear-cut favorite. He has a much better finishing game and it’s impossible to overlook Couture’s age. However, sports fans, this is why we have the actual matches. Couture’s been there. He’s tasted championship glory in multiple divisions & has succumbed to defeat as well. He has gone five grueling rounds on multiple occasions. People have discounted & doubted him countless times in the past, and yet he’s come through. Couture finds a way. He’s my pick to click at a nice slight-underdog price of +120. If you like Gonzaga, I’d recommend that you wait a bit & let the waves of Couture fans drive his price down.

Georges St. Pierre (-250) Vs. Josh Koscheck (+200):

These two welterweight fighters have more to prove than anyone on the card. For Koscheck, a win over GSP would cement him as the #1 contender at 170 lbs. GSP, on the other hand, who had worked so hard to get the belt last November, lost in his first title defense to the vastly inferior underdog, Matt Serra. While Koscheck dearly wants the respect he has not yet earned in most fans’ eyes, GSP wants to validate himself & prove that his loss in April was a fluke.

Josh Koscheck is arguably the best wrestler in MMA at the moment, period. He is an outstanding athlete with a practically unstoppable takedown game. Steadily expanding his skill set, he proved he can control the standup aspect in his last fight, where he dominated the previously unbeaten Diego Sanchez. Georges St. Pierre is a terrific wrestler in his own right (he is a Canadian Olympic team alternate), but it doesn’t stop there. While Koscheck still has a lot to learn, GSP already has all of the tools. He can end the fight a variety of ways & has faced (and defeated) much stiffer competition.

Bodog FightKoscheck’s first few fights were snoozers, wherein he applied the sort of “Lay-n-Pray” that has turned even hardcore MMA fans into boo-birds. He employs the tactic when he recognizes his inferiority to a given opponent (in a given area), and attempts to smother his adversary. He doesn’t even look to improve position or finish the fight, he tries to merely dominate position as if it was a wrestling match. Most experts predict him to try this very tactic from the get-go. He’s difficult to stop when he sets his mind to it.

Does that make Koscheck worth a shot as +200? I’d beg to differ. GSP, like Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, Fedor Emelianenko, and a select few others, is impossible to hold down. He is a cardio machine who is dangerous from the opening bell through the final moments. What’s more, he displayed the type of sprawl against Matt Hughes, Sean Sherk, & Frank Trigg that’s capable of stuffing takedowns from anyone. I firmly believe that GSP wants to win more than ever after his last outing & that Koscheck will not be able to hold him down. GSP opened around the -200 area, and it’s a surefire bet there, but I still like him at -250.

Joe Stevenson (-275) Vs. Kurt Pellegrino (+215):

Wrestler/submission specialist Joe “Daddy” Stevenson matches up with a mirror image of himself in Kurt “Batman” Pellegrino. This may very well be the match to determine the #1 contender at 155 lbs, especially in Stevenson’s case. As stacked as the lightweight division currently is, Joe has probably had the most impressive victories over the last year. He’s shown off some of his submission skills in choking out Dokonjonosuke Mishima & Melvin Guillard, while against Yves Edwards, he utilized superior wrestling & ground ‘n pound. As aggressive & strong on the mat as anyone in the division, Stevenson is quite a force, especially given his size.

Pellegrino has very much the same style, training with the likes of Hermes Franca on a daily basis. Neither fighter is particularly adept on his feet, so expect this fight to hit the ground pretty fast. No matter who has the top position, Stevenson, aggressive as he is, will be on the offensive for as long as the fight lasts. They really do have practically identical styles, but Stevenson is flat-out better at every aspect of MMA. He’s bigger, stronger, and more aggressive. I can’t see Pellegrino winning. I’d be betting on Joe even if the line was around -400.

Kendall Grove (-225) Vs. Patrick Cote (+185)

TUF 3 meets TUF 4 in the lone middleweight bout of the evening. Kendall Grove continues to climb the 185 lb ladder with remarkable improvement while Cote looks to build off of his first UFC victory. While Cote is a well versed fighter who has been around the game longer, he still struggles with the ground game every time we see him. He’s also fought tougher competition & has trained with most of Canada’s top fighters. Grove, however, is still a very young fighter who is growing by leaps and bounds at every turn. He showed tremendous grit and determination in a hard fought victory over Ed Herman. In his next fight, he dominated every aspect of the fight against a supposed superior wrestler in Chris Price, and his superb aggressiveness & technique against Alan Belcher were a joy to watch.

If Cote can keep the fight standing while attempting to deliver some power shots, he has a chance. Frankly, he’s never done that in the UFC. Every time he’s been aggressive, he’s been taken down and turned into a pretzel on the canvas. In his lone win, he was content to land shots simply for the judges and showed no urgency to finish the fight at any point in time. If he takes the same approach against Grove, he will be at the mercy of the Hawaiian’s 6’6 frame/reach & consequently picked apart. Kendall is the superior fighter and only getting better. -225 is a fantastic price for Grove I’d not soon pass up.

Roger Huerta (-425) Vs. Alberto Crane (+345):

Believe it or not, -425 is the best price yet offered for Huerta, as the UFC has been trying to build him up as the next big thing in the Lightweight division. Huerta has been downright impressive. His fights are always exciting, and short of the first round of his most recent outing against the impressive Douglas Evans, He’s dominated every fight he’s had. Many naysayers will point to that first round as a sign of weakness, or criticize his lack of finishing ability against Leonard Garcia. I whole-heartedly disagree. I give credit where it is due in both cases, to Evans & Garcia (and lest we forget, Huerta still won both fights). He’s a dynamic striker, grappler, and a terrific athlete. While he hasn’t been tested to the degree of some other lightweights, he does show immense skill & promise.

Crane is an up-and-coming lightweight at 8-0, seven wins coming via submission. He’s not fought in any of the big shows yet, and has certainly not fought anyone as skilled as Huerta. The longer the fight remains on the feet, the better it is for Roger, although if and when it hits the ground, expect him to be in the dominant position. Huerta takes this fight by any way he chooses and -425 really isn’t a terrible price compared to his previous bouts. That said, I’d abstain from action on this one. +345 isn’t worth a risk on an unknown like Crane.

Under Card:

Clay Guida (-155) Vs. Marcus Aurelio (+125):

Why this match up is relegated to the under card is beyond me. They will probably incorporate it into the PPV broadcast if/when fights end prematurely, to help fill the time. As usual, my pick for “fight of the night” comes from the lightweight division. Clay Guida is an extremely diligent & hardworking fighter who presses forward for fifteen straight minutes. He’s a terrific wrestler and he proved in his last fight (a tough decision loss to Tyson Griffin) that his gas tank can carry him throughout a fight. Though somewhat lacking in the standup department, he’s a very exciting fighter who never quits.

Out of the frying pan, into the fire…Clay’s coming off of two heated matches with top notch competition (Griffin & Din Thomas) and heading into a match with Marcus Aurelio. Aurelio is the first of the former PRIDE lightweight standouts to come over to the UFC. He is an elite-level grappler who is best known for his arm-triangle choke of the world’s #1 rated lightweight, Takanori Gomi. Although Aurelio dropped a decision to Gomi in a rematch and has been inactive for several months, he is still as tough as they come. Aside from complacency when on his feet, he is competent in all areas of MMA. He has a better finishing game than Guida & will probably have to do so off of his back.

My first inclination was to say: Guida by decision. I haven’t wavered tremendously, but I have to go with Aurelio for the +125 price. He’s more capable of finishing the fight from the bottom than Guida is from the top, let alone if he can somehow secure a dominant position. Either way, I’m excited to see these two 155’ers in action!

Thales Leites (-285) Vs. Ryan Jensen (+225):

If Anderson Silva, Rich Franklin, Nate Marquardt, and the rest of the middleweight division isn’t paying attention, Thales Leites may give them a rude awakening. After a tough decision loss in his octagon debut against Martin Kampmann, Leites has quickly rattled off two phenomenal performances, in so doing utterly decimating Pete Sell & Floyd Sword. He’s a terrific grappler with an impressive & ever improving takedown game. Although unlikely to rack up knockouts like Anderson Silva or Chuck Liddell, he is also a formidable standup fighter.

Leites is opposed by Ryan Jensen, a solid grappler in his own right. Jensen was set to take on Travis Lutter, before Lutter pulled out with an injury. This will be his toughest test by far, and the smart money is on him faltering in his UFC debut. Like Stevenson vs. Pellegrino, Thales Leites is better at every facet of MMA, and a very safe bet.

Renato Sobral (-200) Vs. David Heath (+160)

It’s been a rough year for “Babalu” Sobral. He dropped his title bid and lost his impressive win streak against Chuck Liddell. He then returned in March only to gas in the second round succumbing to Jason Lambert via a vicious knockout. He’s run into problems with the law. That said, this is the very same fighter who was in the top-10 of the 205 lb ranks for several years. The same man who was on a terrific run including a submission win over the young Shogun and once gave Fedor a run for his money.

David Heath was looking great up until his most recent fight. He was unbeaten, including a 2-0 mark in the UFC, and is a formidable wrestler/ground’n’pounder. Given the current issues & questions surrounding Sobral, David Heath would have been a good bet. However, in his last outing, he was practically undressed by Ryoto Machida, exposing deficiencies in standup, takedowns, etc. If the Babalu we saw last year comes back, he takes this easily. If the distractions & disappointments have disrupted his training, Heath is a solid underdog bet. I don’t see Babalu getting his third straight loss, but mainly I’d advice passing unless the line shifts dramatically in either direction.

Frank Mir (-160) Vs. Antoni Hardonk (+135):

Contrasting styles are rarely exemplified more than in the night’s “other” heavyweight tilt. The former champ, Mir, has shown a tremendous lack of standup ability since his return from his motorcycle accident. He’s demonstrated a proclivity to turtle up and stop fighting when he’s getting hit, instead of the old Frank Mir, who would retain guard & look for submissions. If given free reign on the mat to fight his fight, however, he is still a tremendous grappler for a heavyweight.

Antoni Hardonk, a dynamic striker under the tutelage of kickboxer Ernesto Hoost, is extremely dangerous on his feet. Although this is his third UFC fight & he’s been fighting MMA off and on since 2001, his takedown defense and ground game are atrocious. In his last fight, he was taken down at will by Justin McCully and had no answer. He had nothing off of his back and could not even get back to his feet. Tremendously contradicting styles (and glaring opposing weaknesses) make this an interesting fight. I like Hardonk given his odds & Mir’s lack of standup, even if he pulls guard, I just don’t think he can take many hits. Hardonk by first round KO.

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UFC 74 Odds: Respect – Preview

By Damon Durante

With more than a month and a half gone by since the last UFC event, fans of MMA are chomping at the bit for the night of August 25th.

With the Heavyweight Championship of the world on the line as well as a former Welterweight title holder doing battle, UFC 74 is sure to provide an epic showcase of UFC talent.

The night starts with a matchup between TUF alumni Patrick Cote (+190) and Kendall Grove (-240). Grove remains undefeated in the octagon and looks to continue his rise to the top of the middleweight division by taking out Cote, who is 1-5 in the UFC, losing to the likes of Tito Ortiz, Chris Leben and Travis Lutter. Cote salvaged his UFC career with a unanimous decision victory over Scott Smith at UFC 67 but a loss to Grove here could spell the end for this Canadian submissions expert.

Next up, Kurt Pelligrino (+210) goes toe to toe with Joe Stevenson (-280) in a clash of lightweight up and comers. At the tender age of 25, Stevenson has had 39 MMA fights and is a stellar 4 -1 in UFC matches. Pellegrino last fought back in April on the Stevensen vs. Guillard undercard at UFC Fight Night taking a first round submission victory over Nate Mohr.

The return of former Welterweight Champ and UFC superstar Georges St. Pierre (-250) is one of the most anticipated comebacks in recent UFC history. St. Pierre was expected to dominate the UFC’s Welterweight division after his annihilation of former champ Matt Hughes. He was dethroned by unlikely victor Matt Serra in the first round of his only ever title defense. He looks to get back into championship form as he takes on TUF 1 alumni Josh Koscheck (+200) who is on a 5 fight winning streak in the octagon and coming off a big time win over Diego Sanchez at UFC 69.

After gracing the cover of sports illustrated, Roger Huerta’s (-500) meteoric rise through the UFC has been astounding. His already stellar record of 20 – 1 – 1 is combined with a perfect 4 – 0 in the octagon. He is facing UFC newcomer Alberto Crane (+350) who boasts and undefeated mma record of 8 – 0 and a reputation as a submissions machine.

Finally, the main event of the evening pits two unlikely combatants together for the UFC Heavyweight Championship Belt. Unlikely because current title holder Randy Couture (-115) was a heavy underdog against Tim Sylvia at UFC 68 before grinding out a solid unanimous decision, and his opponent Gabriel Gonzaga (-115) was never supposed to defeat (let alone knock out) Croatian superstar Mirko Cro Cop.

Two fighters that were never supposed to face each other squaring off to prove that beyond a belt, there are few things that a fighter covets more in the world of MMA than respect.

Here are some other notable lines for UFC 74 – Respect:

Renato Sobral (-300) Vs. David Heath (+230)

Sobral needs a solid victory here to keep his UFC career alive

Frank Mir (-180) Vs. Antoni Hardonk (+150)

The comeback trail continues for Frank Mir.

Clay Guida (+100) Vs. Marcus Aurelio (-130)

A solid matchup af two battle tested lightweights.

BetUS is your source for UFC betting lines, UFC odds, MMA betting, fight articles and free picks. Join BetUS today to get in on the action, and wager at our Sportsbook.


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UFC 74 Betting – An Early Look Pt. 2

UFC 74 Odds are out now for the full card of fights. I see a lot of posts on UFC forums about what the odds mean and how they are wrong, etc.. There is also the perception that if you bet on every underdog you will be raking in the cash. Do the odds makers know what they’re doing? Here’s a quick look at UFC odds statistics and what they might mean about who will win at UFC 74. The information is based on UFC events only and dates back to UFC 56.

Current Betting Line for UFC 74

Joe Stevenson vs Kurt Pellegrino: Stevenson is correctly tabbed as the heavy favorite. You can make an argument for Pellegrino, but realistically he’s got no chance.

Kendall Grove vs Patrick Cote: Grove looks like he’s on schedule to earn a title shot in the next year, he’s moved into the top 10 of MW contenders and he gives everybody in the division matchup problems. Cote is a solid fighter who has struggled when facing tough competition. Grove is deserving of the favorite status and should put together another dominant performance.

Roger Huerta vs Alberto Crane: Huerta is rolling now and he got a wake up call from Doug Evans last fight. Huerta ran into a buzz saw and was nearly taken out by Evans. Huerta will be a improved fighter after that night. He is favored heavily to continue winning. Crane is an undefeated fighter moving up from smaller shows, but things don’t look good for him. Not enough effective striking to give Huerta any problems standing and Roger will control the ground action. Stats say Huerta.

Babalu vs David Heath: Heath is +240, but Babalu is aging and his title hopes are non-existent. Heath needs to win this fight badly to take the next step up the ladder. Heath seems like a good value, but this is a meaningless fight and I see no reason to buck the trend. Stay with the favorite, Babalu.

“i agree babalu is a concern due to his current issues, but he’s still awesome. he’s still right there around the top 10 & probably could beat anyone at 205 on a good night. i’m not betting on heath. if people bet heath to get babalu down around -200, he’s still my guy.” -Zewkey Forum

Frank Mir and Antoni Hardonk: Neither guy excites me. I see no reason to go against trend in this one.

Clay Guida vs Marcus Aurelio:
Looks like an even matchup. Pride fighters have struggled in their UFC debuts and Guida has lost two straight. Don’t be fooled by their records, Guida’s losses were close and he fought well. Tough call.

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