UFC 79 Aftermath

GSP– looked dominant. should be a safe favorite for the foreseeable future. the trend continues. younger, truly balanced mma fighters are proving no match for the old guard guys still left in the game.

Matt Hughes– still looks very dangerous, but will he continue to stay involved mentally.

Wanderlei Silva– looked like a shot fighter. his sloppy punching will get him killed against some of the good strikers at 205. Possibly dangerous against submission fighters when he can get them in a clinch.

Chuck Liddell- big win is somewhat tainted by Wandy’s opposition. Chuck continued to show caution and a limited attack.

Lyoto Machida– showed he is a very solid fighter that is capable of controlling a physically superior guy. What happens if he faces a good striker with good TD defense though? still a few questions, but Machida should not be discounted against anyone.

Sokoudjou– looked tentative and cautious, similar to other Pride fighters in their UFC debuts. For now he is only playable as an underdog or against inferior opponents.

Rich Clementi– best he’s been. his game has improved in all areas. He fits in just below the Griffin, Edgar, Huerta level.

Melvin Guillard– talent is not coming thru for him. He needs some “grit” in his game. He needs to drop it down a couple levels and get some solid wins under his belt while retooling his game.

Eddie Sanchez– Lacks the power and quickness to be a real threat to the top guys. gatekeeper