UFC 84 Parlay Picks

UFC 84 offers some really good betting opportunities, with one of the best bets I have seen this year.  Here’s my thoughts on a few UFC 84 parlay bets.  5dimes and BetUs both take MMA parlays, but they are the only ones right now.

I will start off with the best betting opportunity I have seen in the UFC this year.  Keith Jardine +155.  Wandy nuthuggers must be blind.  Jardine demolished Chuck, no contest.  Wandy is a plodder like Chuck, but he’s not as dangerous as a counterpuncher nor does he have Chuck’s power and precision.  Wandy’s only hope is to cast a spell on Jardine and entice him into his clinch.  Ain’t gonna happen.  This is an easy fight for Jardine.  Im going to use him as a key in several parlays.

Clementi is different fighter now than 18 months ago, he’s put it all together and he’ll dominate Etim.  I’m going to sprinkle Sherk in on a couple too.  I think Sherk and BJ are close to even and a year ago Sherk would have been a favorite in this fight.  Penn’s win over Stevenson was a little lucky cause he caught a careless Stevenson early, yet still struggled to put him away.

Jardine (+155) + Clementi (-200)  3 units

Jardine (+155) + Sherk (+220) 1 unit

Jardine (+155) + Clementi (-200) + Sherk (+220) 1 unit

Clementi (-200) + Sherk (+220) 1 unit

Yoshida (-160) + Clementi (-200) 1 unit

UFC 77 Betting Picks

Article submitted to MMAGame.

I think UFC 77 is the best event for betting I have seen in a long time.  If you are a true MMA fan, then the 4 main fights are all intriguing matchups.

I have strong opinions on three of the four, the exception being Starnes vs Belcher.  Although I favor Starnes, both guys are talented but unproven in my eyes. So, I will take a pass on this one and invest in the other three.

Let’s start with the Championship fight.  Here’s the deal.  If you think Rich Franklin is the same fighter he was before the first fight (just as good now as he was then,) you have to bet him.  2-1 is a dream.  I, however, believe that the beating Silva gave him that night ended the career of the championship level Rich Franklin.  Silva has moved forward in his development as a complete fighter, while Franklin has fought to regain his confidence. You can make a case that Franklin is bigger and will take him down etc… but I see it as Silva is at a completely different level than Franklin, physically and mentally.  I’m taking Spider.

Everyone hates Tim Sylvia, but I don’t get it.  Sylvia is one of the most resilient fighters we have ever seen, he uses his strengths better than any fighter I can think of, and he’s a hard working fool.  No way Vera should be favored over big Timmy.  Even if you buy into all the Vera hype, that should make him about even up with the former champion-at best!  Tim’s loss to Couture looks a lot better now that Randy tore through Gonzaga.  Fighting styles will matter in this one.  Expect Vera to have a similar plan that Couture used to defeat Sylvia, except more knees in close.  Sylvia will be ready for it, and you can bet your last tater that he won’t fall into that trap again.  Look for Sylvia to use his size effectively as he controls the pace.  Sylvia will frustrate Vera and take him off his game.  Easy win for Sylvia.  Big Bet!!!

Okami is physically superior to Jason MacDonald.  MacDonald lacks the crisp, effective punching that he will need to keep the Japanese mauler off him.  The combination of a physically stronger fighter facing a submission fighter is a profit machine.  Okami will bull his way to MacDonald’s chest whenever he feels like it, where he can take him down and gnp as long as he wants.  Some say that Okami is a slow starter, but here’s the secret…Okami knows he’s strong enough to escape submission attempts once the fighter start getting sweaty.  He keeps himself out of trouble until everyones good a warm, then goes to work.  Bet Okami with confidence.

Yushin Okami vs Jason MacDonald Odds are out

Jake Shields (black trunks) vs. Yushin Okami Japanese ground n pounder, Yushin Okami, has opened up as a small favorite over TUF assassin Jason MacDonald at 5Dimes.

Okami -135
MacDonald -105

Okami is one of the few Japanese fighters to successfully enter the UFC. His physique is more defined than the some of the “chunkier” fighters from the far east. Okami is very good at cutting weight then enter the ring as a much larger and stronger opponent than most fighters in his class are used to. Mike Swick’s first words to his corner at UFC 69 were “He’s strong!” Okami is known as a methodical mauler who simply uses his superior strength to limit the opponents attack, then he unloads his effective ground attack of punishing punches from a dominant position. Many consider Rich Franklin very fortunate to come out a winner in their previous fight.

Jason MacDonald is an athletic submission specialist who also lost to Franklin recently. MacDonald lacks the crisp powerful punches necessary to keep Okami at a distance. Look for Okami to work his way in close to MacDonald where he can take him to the ground and control the action. This is a bad matchup for MacDonald and Okami is a bargain at -135.

Keith Jardine Profile

jardine-toon-300x279.pngD.O.B.: 10/31/1975
Weight: 205lb/93kg
Height: 6’2″
Fighting style: Gaidojutsu, Kickboxing
MMA Record: 12-3-1
Fighting out of: Butte, Montana

Keith Jardine is an American mixed martial arts fighter. He currently fights as a light-heavyweight for the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Jardine made his professional mixed martial arts debut in 2001, defeating Amir Rahnavardi via armbar submission. He would win five out of his next six bouts, suffering one knockout loss to Travis Wiuff, before debuting in the Japan’s Pancrase organization in 2003. Jardine’s bout in Pancrase, with Keiichiro Yamamiya, ended in a draw. Jardine defeated his next two opponents, including a submission win over Red Devil Sport Club fighter Arman Gambaryan. Jardine made his debut with the UFC on the reality TV series the Ultimate Fighter 2, where he was cast as a heavyweight under coach Rich Franklin. Jardine was one of the favorites to proceed to the Heavyweight division’s finals, but was not selected to fight until the semi-finals, where he was defeated by eventual season two Heavyweight winner Rashad Evans.

Although Jardine was eliminated from The Ultimate Fighter 2, his tenure with the UFC would continue. Jardine made his first appearance on an official UFC fight card at the TUF 2 Finale, defeating fellow season two Heavyweight Kerry Schall by TKO due to leg kicks. Jardine subsequently dropped down a weight class to the Light-Heavyweight division, and defeated Mike Whitehead, another TUF 2 competitor, by unanimous decision at UFC 57.

At UFC 66, Jardine scored a TKO victory in the first round over winner of The Ultimate Fighter 1, Forrest Griffin. Jardine’s next fight was against UFC newcomer Houston Alexander at UFC 71. After having complained about having to face an unknown fighter when he felt he deserved a more high profile match, Jardine was knocked out 48 seconds into the first round after a vicious assault by Alexander.

Jardine faces Chuck Liddell at UFC 76 Preview of the Fight

Chuck Liddell Profile

liddell316x350.png D.O.B.: 12/17/1969
Height: 6’2”
Fighting style: Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling
MMA Record: 20 – 4 – 0
Team: Pit Team
Fighting out of: San Luis Obispo, California

Chuck Liddell is a mixed martial artist who currently fights for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. A former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Liddell has an extensive background in Kickboxing and collegiate wrestling. He is associated with the Pit team and recently earned a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Because of his relaxed “hands-down” stance and the various angles from which he throws punches, many within the MMA community have labelled Liddell’s style “unorthodox”. He was a four-year starter on the football team at San Marcos High School, and Liddell is noted within MMA circles for his exceptional takedown defense.

Liddell began his fighting career when he defeated Noe Hernandez on May 15, 1998. By 2002, Liddell was considered the number one contender for the UFC light heavyweight title with growing popularity and support from fans. The UFC tried to arrange a title bout with then champion Tito Ortiz but Ortiz kept citing scheduling conflicts which frustrated the UFC brass. To force Ortiz’s hand, they created an Interim Light Heavyweight Championship and matched Liddell with experienced former heavyweight Randy Couture at UFC 43 for that title. This was a fight that many thought Chuck should win, and it was expected that he would then go on to fight Orti. However, Couture neutralized Chuck’s trademark powerful looping hooks with crisp straight punches and he eventually began taking Chuck down at will. Couture eventually gained full mount and forced a referee stoppage due to strikes.

After this defeat, Liddell went to Japan to compete in the PRIDE 2003 Middleweight Grand Prix tournament as the UFC’s representative. After defeating Alistair Overeem in the first round of the tournament, Liddell was eliminated from the Grand Prix by Quinton “Rampage” Jackson in the semi-finals in a one sided affair, losing by technical knockout after Liddell’s corner signaled for an end to the bout.

Liddell lost his UFC light heavyweight title at UFC 71 on May 26, 2007 in a rematch against Quinton “Rampage” Jackson due to KO after being dropped by a single right hand. After the loss Liddell was widely criticized after reports indicated he was seen in night clubs the week before the event. He responded that it was nothing he had not done prior to his other fights in Las Vegas.

Chuck returns to the ring at UFC 76, where he faces Keith Jardine (UFC 76 preview).

UFC 76 Parlays

UFC 76 Parlay Ideas

Parlays are combination bets where it’s all or nothing., what I mean is that you must pick all the fights in your parlay correctly or you lose it. The more fights you have in your parlay, the higher the payoff. Parlays can be great when you win, because you make small bets to win big money. Who doesn’t like that? Currently two sites take MMA Parlays BetUs and 5Dimes.

A couple of important points about parlaying fights. First, it becomes more important to find the betting site with the best odds. Your payout’s are multiplied (2.6x for 2 man, 6x for 3 man, 12x for a 4 man,) so the difference in a couple fighters listed at -120 instead of -140 can mean and additional $100 in your pocket. Here’s our Parlay Calculator to help you with payoff figures. Second, heavily favored fighters add very little value to the payout. So, lets leave them out of our parlays. The reward does not justify the risk or the anguish you will suffer after hitting 3 fights only to watch Matt Serra steal your treasure in the main event.

I like to identify a fighter, or two, that I think is a very likely winner and make that fighter my “key.” I then use my key fighter to build several combinations. Tyson Griffin is my key for UFC 76.

  1. Tyson Griffin + Liddell ($1 wins $1)
  2. Tyson Griffin + Shogun ($1 wins $1)
  3. Tyson Griffin + Fitch ($1 wins $2)
  4. Tyson Griffin + Liddell + Fitch ($1 wins $3)

There are the combinations I like in the featured fights. All favorites this time. The last two UFC events I have had losing fighter as my key fighters (Hamill and Grove), it’s time to get things turned around. I have to stay patient and bet the ones I am confident in winning.

Ultimate Fight Night 11 Betting Info

flovthomas.pngUltimate Fight Night 11

UFN 11 is a great betting card in my opinion. We’ve got a couple polarizing fighters with Chris Leben and Kenny Florian, a talented fighter coming back after a 2 year layoff, and a bunch of TUF alumni displaying their progress. Check out the MMA SuperPage for complete UFN Odds.

The main event features Kenny Florian vs Din Thomas. Florian has retooled his body and game since losing to Sherk and looks to get back into the title chase with a win over Din. The spotlight has not been focused on KenFlo, but he’s fought impressively in 2007. Din Thomas has been successful, as well, this year. His win over Clay Guida is particularly nice, now that Guida has shown the world that he’s for real. MMA betting is not about what you have done, it’s about what you are going to do. Both these guys look like they are ready for a top effort Wednesday night.

You can argue styles and skill sets all you want, this fight will be decide by a small margin and who is able to take advantage of any opportunity. KenFlo probably has an edge in scramblability and Din an edge is striking and physical strength. I am impressed the manner in which Florian prepares, he’s a serious pro all the way and that’s why he will win this one.

Pete Sell’s fight against Nate Quarry should draw a lot of bettor’s attention. Quarry is a very talented fighter who has not fought for almost two years after losing to Rich Franklin. These two have fought before, Quarry earned his title shot against Franklin with a first round KO of Sell. Pete Sell’s recent record is nothing great, but he has been fighting good opponents and competing well. At first glance Quarry seems like a likely winner, “but not so fast, my friend.” In the two years Quarry has been absent, Sell has been getting training, fighting, and improving under the eye of Serra. Sell is in good form and should be able to control the early action as Quarry tries to adjust to his pace. Quarry’s got too many questions to answer and Sell been thinking about that first round KO for two years. Revenge is sweet, especially at +200.

UFC 75: Preview and Predictions

UFC 75: Preview and Predictions…By Jay Graziani
of Majorwager.comUFC 75: Champion vs. Champion
Saturday, September 8th, 3 PM ET, 9 PM ET/PT via tape delay on Spike TV
O2 Arena, London
Weigh-in: Friday, September 7th, 10:30 AM ET (covered by ESPNEWS and UFC.com)

The favorite run continues in the UFC, as Partick Cote and Randy Couture were the only underdogs to end up victorious at UFC 74. This follows two UFC events completely swept by the favorites, reversing the early summer trend of underdog-friendly betting cards.

While this installment of the Ultimate Fighting Championship will be aired for free on SpikeTV, it will be tape-delayed for North American viewers, as it is part of UFC’s recent push to go international, this time in London.

Here’s a preview of Saturday night’s fights, with current odds from BetOnFighting.

Anthony “The Crush” Torres(5-0-0) vs. Jess “The Joker” Liaudin(11-8-0)
Current Odds: Liaudin -115; Torres -115

Liaudin submitted Dennis Siver back in UFC 70, but has an unaccomplished career otherwise. Torres is undefeated but untested, last having beaten Pat Healy at Fight Night 6. I am inclined to go with Torres, though the long layoff and lack of competition make this a lean only.

Naoyuki Kotani (17-6-5)vs. Dennis Siver (10-4-0)
Current Odds: Kotani -175; Siver +145

Siver was submitted by Jess Liaudin in his debut at UFC 70. Kotani also lost his UFC debut, being decisioned by Thiago Tavares in UFC Fight Night 9. Neither has much experience or has shown anything particularly noteworthy, so this fight is a pass for me, with a lean towards Kotani. Prediction: Kotani, 3rd round submission.

Tomasz Drwal (14-1-0) vs. Thiago Silva (10-0-0)
Current Odds: Silva -325; Drwal +265

Drwal is out of Polish MMA, debuting in the UFC after fighting in very small promotions against unknowns. Silva is out of the Brazilian Chute Box camp, and won his debut in UFC 71. While Silva is the likely winner, I can’t recommend laying money against a young and relatively unknown fighter like Drwal at these odds. Prediction: Silva, 1st round TKO.

Gleison Tibau (14-4-0) vs. Terry Etim (10-0-0)
Current Odds: Tibau -175; Etim +145

This bout features two submission specialists. 9 of Etim’s 10 wins have ended by submission. Tibau is better-rounded, and has a significant edge in experience. I lean towards Etim, although he hasn’t really been tested yet and could be due for a letdown. Prediction: Etim by decision.

Houston “The Assassin” Alexander (7-1-0) vs. Alessio “Legionarius” Sakara (11-5-0)
Current Odds: Alexander -165; Sakara +135

Sakara’s last 3 UFC fights have all ended in the first round – unfortunately, 2 of them were losses for “Legionarius”. Alexander is coming off a 1st round TKO of Keith Jardine in his UFC debut back in May. Alexander won’t have to worry about launching his hip-hop career when he beats Sakara convincingly on Saturday night. Prediction: Alexander, 1st round TKO.

Marcus “The Irish Hand Grenade” Davis (12-3-0) vs. Paul “Relentless” Taylor (8-1-1)
Current Odds: Davis -200; Taylor +160

British Paul Taylor will be receiving the hometown support here, but that might not be enough to overcome Davis, a talented striker who has won nine straight since the TUF 2 finale. Taylor debuted in the UFC the last time it was held across the pond (UFC 70 in April), winning in a 3rd round TKO. Home field advantage won’t be enough here, and I see Davis winning by strikes. Prediction: Davis, 2nd round TKO.

Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic (22-5-2) vs. Cheick Kongo (10-3-1)
Current Odds: Filipovic -420; Kongo +320

Cro Cop was supposed rise straight to the top upon entering UFC; Gabriel Gonzaga had different plans. Kongo holds a decent advantage in size, 2″ in height and 20 pounds, and has been moving up the UFC ranks quickly. Unfortunately, he has the misfortune of facing Filipovic, who should bounce back strongly after his fluke loss to Gonzaga. Cro Cop is still an elite fighter, and laying 4-to-1 with this caliber fighter against a much less experience opponent is quite reasonable.

Matt “The Hammer” Hamill (3-0-0) vs. Michael “The Count” Bisping (13-0-0)
Current Odds: Hamill +200; Bisping -250

This bout features two TUF 3 alumni who were highly regarded during their reality TV stints. Hamill has the edge in power and wrestling, but Bisping’s experience and all-around talent should give him a substantial edge. While both looked competitive in the early going, Bisping has proven to be the much better fighter during his time in the UFC, and Hamill has shown plenty of weak spots that can be exploited. Prediction: Bisping, 1st round TKO.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (27-6-0) vs. Dan Henderson (22-5-0)
Current Odds: Jackson -135; Henderson +105

This main event marks the true assimilation of PRIDE into the UFC. Henderson is the PRIDE middleweight and welterweight champion, the first person to hold both titles simultaneously. He will look to add UFC Lightweight champion to those accolades, a title Jackson took from Chuck Liddell back in May. Jackson has only lost 3 fights since 2001, falling to Mauricio Rua and twice to Wanderlai Silva. Coincidentally, Henderson’s last fight was a win against Silva. This is a battle of two great fighters that is too close to call. I’ll lean towards Henderson, with his great wrestling skills, at the plus-money. Prediction: Henderson, 3rd round TKO.

Picks (14-14 -2.55 units; Best Bets: 3-3, -0.60 units)
Houston Alexander -165
Marcus Davis -200
Mirko Filipovic -420
Michael Bisping -250 (Best Bet)

Opinions (17-18 -4.35 units)
Anthony Torres -115
Naoyuki Kotani -175
Thiago Silva -325
Terry Etim +145
Dan Henderson +105

Jay Graziani

UFC 75: Champion vs Champion Fight & Betting Line Analysis

UFC 75: Champion vs Champion Fight & Betting Line Analysis
by Matt Corenzwit
BetOnFighting.Com Staff Writer

MMA Odds Maker Nick Kalikas and www.BetOnfighting.com have released this weekends Official UFC 75 “Champion vs Champion” Odds.

This is quite possibly the UFC’s most active month in the organization’s history. Sandwiched between the phenomenally deep cards of UFC 74 & 76 is the first title unification bout since the acquisition of PRIDE FC. The title bout features the amicable & entertaining Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and stalwart multiple belt-holder, Dan “Hollywood” Henderson. The rest of the fight card promises to be entertaining & title implications surround several fights in several weight classes. Stand-up in particular will be the theme of UFC 75, so it promises to be exciting. The best part is: the event is free!

Main Card

Quinton Jackson (-135) Vs. Dan Henderson (+105)

On the heels of his magnificent knockout victory over the longtime reigning 205 lb. champ, Quinton Jackson’s stock has never been higher. Never before did rise to the occasion in such fashion and it doesn’t look like he’s going to slow down anytime soon. Does this remind you of anyone else? It should. The same can be said about the new PRIDE champ, Dan Henderson. He, too is coming off of the biggest win of his career; a dominating performance over the incumbent champ.

All we keep hearing is how much bigger and stronger Jackson is, when compared to Henderson (who is also the reigning PRIDE 183 lb. champ). To be sure, “Rampage” is a freak of nature. The man has demonstrated the ability to lift & slam his opponents, even when in precarious positions. That in mind, we’ve been down this road before. “Hendo” continues to flourish even after stepping up in weight. His most recent victims have been the established and well respected Vitor Belfort and Wanderlei Silva. Like his former teammate & current champ, Randy Couture, Dan finds a way. He continues to prove us all wrong.

Going against the grain can be a risky proposition, but it also pays well when you’re right. Dan will be the better conditioned, better prepared, and functionally stronger fighter. It’d be foolish to say that he won’t be slammed at all, but he’s never been stopped in MMA outside of the Nogueira submissions. Coming from an Olympic wrestling background, sporting a terrific chin and much improved standup, Dan Henderson will obtain his third major MMA belt.

Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic (-420) Vs. Cheick Kongo (+340)

The biggest question surrounding this heavyweight slugfest is simple: Which Cro Cop will show up? The Mirko we’ve seen for years in PRIDE; the very man who won the Open Weight Grand Prix a year ago; the perennial top-five heavyweight…or… a sluggish, ill-prepared, and out of shape Cro Cop. If the latter shows up to fight, he may be in for a rude awakening. Anyone who plans to stand & trade with Kongo would be well advised to come prepared. The Frenchman has the tools to stop anyone in his tracks, even the great Cro Cop.

If you believe Mirko’s lost his focus and is looking past Kongo, Cheick is set at pretty juicy price. I, however, don’t believe it. While the value may be there in the underdog, I refuse to buy into the majority of the skepticism surrounding Cro Cop. He has been training with great intensity and will make quick work of the French striker. Mirko will quickly prove his worth and silence the critics by cementing his place as the top contender for the UFC heavyweight crown.

Michael Bisping (-250) Vs. Matt Hamill (+200)

Also on the card is a pair of undefeated fighters, in what is being called “The Finale We Didn’t Get to See” (to The Ultimate Fighter 3). Britain’s own Michael Bisping looks to continue climbing the 205 lb. ladder when he takes on outstanding wrestler & fellow TUF veteran, Matt Hamill. A serious clash of styles is represented in this match-up. There’s little question where each combatant wants the fight to take place.

Bisping wants to keep the fight standing, plain and simple. If he has his way, Hamill will not last long. He’s not terribly resilient and has demonstrated a serious aversion to getting hit. Hamill, conversely, is a top of the line wrestler and wants to get Bisping onto his back, fast. Unfortunately for Bisping, his takedown defense is one of his weaker assets. As the fight progresses, we will see Hamill establish himself as the physically superior athlete. He’s bigger, stronger, and with his wrestling pedigree, he will get Bisping down. I don’t see the hometown Englishman getting back up. Good value on Hamill at +200.

Houston Alexander (-165) Vs. Alessio Sakara (+135)

Stand-up MMA enthusiasts will certainly have their fill this Saturday, and this duo of Light Heavyweights will not disappoint. Each fighter is coming off of an impressive first round knockout; Alexander in particular shocked the world by stopping Keith Jardine dead in his tracks. An impressive physical specimen, he is set to prove that his victory was not a fluke when he takes on another UFC veteran in Alessio Sakara. Sakara is a dangerous boxer with roots in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He relies more on his striking than his ground game, which can be a dangerous game plan when facing a lethal striker like Alexander.

We’ve seen Alessio involved in several wars already in the UFC, and he certainly knows how to finish. Alexander, on the other hand, in his win over Jardine showed that he is difficult to contain when he moves forward. All things considered, I am not convinced after one fight. Sakara’s fans have already bet him closer to even in what I deem as more of a pick’em than the line would suggest. Sakara’s the better bet at +135, and is certainly worth a play if his payout increases.

Marcus Davis (-200) Vs. Paul Taylor (+160)

In a difficult fight to handicap, constantly improving Marcus Davis (of TUF 2 fame) takes on Britain’s own, Paul Taylor. Davis is an accomplished boxer who has developed into a fine mixed martial artist. He has grown by leaps and bounds each and every time we’ve seen him, displaying the ability to end the fight either standing or on the mat. Taylor is back in the UFC following an impressive victory over the previously unbeaten Edilberto “Crocota” de Oliveira.

Davis, being the more seasoned fighter with four consecutive UFC victories is the rightful favorite, but he’s not had the toughest competition. That in mind, it’s tough to say just how good he is. How he will handle being on his back against Taylor? If he is getting the worst of the stand-up exchange, does he have the tools to get the fight to the ground? Taylor will likely find out the answers to these questions first hand, as he’s an in-your-face type of fighter. My pick is Davis to continue his impressive streak, but if the price rises on Taylor, he’s worth a shot.

Under Card

Gleison Tibau (-175) Vs. Terry Etim (+145)

If I had to choose one ‘dark bout’ to make the televised card, this would certainly be the easy choice. In what promises to be the most technical grappling match of the night, these two impressive lightweights look to build off of their recent successes. The 6’1 Etim, of England, ordinarily holds a massive size & reach advantage over his opponents at 155 lbs. He uses his frame effectively to nullify his opponents’ standup and showed off his submission skills in his UFC debut, utilizing his length to create serious leverage in a guillotine choke.

Tibau, however, is a very big lightweight in his own right. In fact, his first UFC fight was at 170 pounds, against Nick Diaz. Etim will not be able to show Gleison anything he has not seen before, and he will be overpowered for the majority of the fight. It should be a terrific fight, and I hope we get to see it. I’d bet on Tibau before the he gets above -200.

Thiago Silva (-325) Vs. Tomasz Drwal (+265)

We hoped to see just exactly what Silva could bring to the table in his UFC debut. Although he got the victory, it was mainly due to a freak injury to the knee of James Irvin. The same questions still surround Thiago: Just how good he can be? Is he indeed the next generation of Chute Box? Following in the footsteps of Wanderlei Silva, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, and a host of others, Thiago remains unbeaten and poised to take the UFC by storm. Opposing him Is Drwal, who sports an impressive 14-1 record, but has certainly not fought fighters the caliber of Silva thus far in his career. Look for Silva to make his presence known in the UFC with an exciting win.

Naoyuki Kotani (-210) Vs. Dennis Siver (+170)

Japanese submission specialist Naoyuki Kotani meets submission-susceptible Dennis Siver in a 155 lb. affair. Kotani has faced some of the best in the world, and although he is 0-1 in the UFC, he is still a very dangerous fighter & grappler. Siver, a highly touted European mixed martial artist and impressive athlete, has fallen onto his face on more than one occasion as soon as the fight hits the mat. While he possesses the tools to one day become a successful fighter, he needs to seriously work on his submission defense. Kotani’s a very good bet if the line dips closer to -150.

Jess Liaudin (-115) Vs. Anthony Torres (-115)

In yet another tough fight to gauge, journeyman Jess Liaudin takes on TUF 2 veteran, Anthony Torres. Torres has been out of MMA action for quite some time, and one has to wonder what kind of effect such a layoff will have on the BJJ practitioner. Liaudin’s record may not look like much, but it would not be wise for Torres to take him lightly. “The Joker”, Liaudin, is a very crafty and intelligent fighter. The odds makers have hit this tilt right on the nose, as it’s very difficult to predict. The biggest factor, in this bettor’s opinion, is Torres’ ring rust. Given Liaudin’s ground skills, it’s unlikely for Torres to get a stoppage easily. Bet Liaudin if his odds get to even (or underdog).

–Please bet responsibly! Enjoy the Fights!

UFC 75 Parlay Picks

UFC 75 Parlay Ideas

Parlays are combination bets where it’s all or nothing., what I mean is that you must pick all the fights in your parlay correctly or you lose it. The more fights you have in your parlay, the higher the payoff. Parlays can be great when you win, because you make small bets to win big money. Who doesn’t like that? Currently two sites take MMA Parlays,
BetUs and 5Dimes.

A couple of important points about parlaying fights. First, it becomes more important to find the betting site with the best odds. Your payouts are multiplied (2.6x for 2 man, 6x for 3 man, 12x for a 4 man,) so the difference in a couple fighters listed at -120 instead of -140 can mean and additional $100 in your pocket. Here’s our Parlay Calculator to help you with payoff figures. Second, heavily favored fighters add very little value to the payout. So, lets leave them out of our parlays. The reward does not justify the risk or the anguish you will suffer after hitting 3 fights only to watch Matt Serra steal your treasure in the main event.

I like to identify a fighter, or two, that I think is a very likely winner and make that fighter my “key.” I then use my key fighter to build several combinations. Matt Hamill is my key for UFC 75.

  1. Hamill + Rampage/Hendo Fight won’t go 5 round distance ($1 wins $4)
  2. Hamill + Henderson ($1 wins $6)
  3. Hamill + Sakara ($1 wins $7)
  4. Hamill + Henderson + Fight won’t go 5 round distance ($1 wins $10)
  5. Hamill + Rampage + Fight won’t go 5 round distance ($1 wins $7)
  6. Hamill + Sakara + Henderson ($1 wins $18)
  7. Hamill + Sakara + Henderson+ Fight won’t go 5 round distance ($1 wins $27)

There are the combinations I like in the featured fights. I particularly like # 1, 2, and 4, so I will bet a little more on each of those combinations.