WEC 39 Post Fight Notes

Mike Brown – qwik KO of Garcia didnt tell me much.  Brown is obviously better than what people thought before he beat Faber.  Appears to be a consumate pro and in typical ATT fashion fights his style.  He’s got a shot to beat Faber again.

Leonard Garcia – never had a chance to do anything.  i still think his best game is bjj, but he’s somehow gotten hyped as a big puncher.  i think hes going to struggle against physical wrestlers.  his best chances are against sloppy brawlers.

Bart Palaszewski – Bartimus always fights to the level of his opponent and allows guys to hang around too long.  He can bang with anyone, but has to come from behind constantly.  Rule:  Never play Bart as a decent favorite, only as an underdog from today on.

Ricardo Lamas– completely controlled Bartimus with some good wrestling, doing just enough to keep the ref from breaking the action.  Barts good at escaping and getting to his feet, so Lamas must be a strong sob.  Lamas needs more of an offensive attack but he’s young and has a great mma body.  He’ll destroy anyone that is somewhat weak.  Possibly have trouble against a fighter with good TD defense that can throw combos.

Jose Aldo – Fast and dangerous, he’s good.  Mickle didn’t provide much competition though.  Aldo is the best pure striker in that division.  Still dont know what will happen when someone fights back or takes him down.

Chris Mickle – overmatched against Aldo.  he’ll struggle against any of the WEC guys.

Rob McCullough – really struggle to “get off.”  third fight in a row where hes been tentative.  maybe he will be better against someone if hes pressing the pace.  did nothing in rd three when fight was on the line.

Marcus Hicks – should have won against Rob,  just didnt realize it. Not sure whats going on with Hicks, he was tentative and reluctant to mix it up.  Not the same fighter that debuted in WEC.

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